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Thread: [Bot] Tyrael - A raiding botbase!

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    Default [Bot] Tyrael - A raiding botbase!

    PureRotation Team presents
    Tyrael - A raiding botbase!

    What is Tyrael?
    Tyrael is a raid-bot alike alternative botbase for HonorBuddy. It is designed as a framework in which a Combat Routine executes, as quick as possible.

    Who continues the Tyrael support and development?
    Weischbier is the orignal author, but unfortunately has decided to leave this community. He gave permission to the PureRotation team to take over and maintain the Tyrael Project. After some struggles on the forums regarding Tyrael and its backlist it was removed from the forums once again. We started a discussion with the Pure Team and decided to keep support and maintenance of Tyrael within the Pure team and we will remove the blacklist of paid routines.

    Are we happy to support paid routines?
    No. Donations is acceptable, but paying or donating to receive premium versions is in the Pure teams eyes still wrong. Keep this in mind when using Tyrael.

    What does the current GUI look like?
    Below is a screenshot of the current graphical user interface. Via this interface, you will be able to customize the settings for this BotBase.

    Special thanks
    Special thanks go out to the following persons and teams;
    • Weischbier - Original author of Tyrael and allround awesome!
    • PureRotation Team <3
    • Apoc for all his work and Raid Bot.
    • Mirabis for his awesome work on Minify.

    What should I do with the Ticks per Second?
    Ticks per Second should be about equal or less of which your FrameRate (CTRL+R to view in WoW) is. If your PC can handle it, the higher the TPS the better your Routine will work. It's just very minor difference above 30 though.

    So if your WoW never goes below 60 FPS, set Tyrael to 60 TPS. If your WoW never goes under 45, set it to 45. Test it in a heavy raid environment, cause flying around your FPS is probaly ALOT higher then in raids during bossfights.

    What should I do with the LockSelector?
    It should be enabled, as it improves the performance of your CR. If it drops the framerate too much, the combat routine you use probaly does not support a framelock. Disable it then. Prime examples of LockSelector supported routines are listed here.

    How to download?
    1. Open your favourite browser and download and install TortoiseSVN.
    2. Go to the folder which HonorBuddy.exe is located.
    3. From there, go to the Bots folder.
    4. Create a new folder here with the name: Tyrael.
    5. On the newly created folder, do rightclick and select "Checkout".
    6. Under URL of repository, you enter the URL of the Tyrael repository (See below).
    7. Press OK. Now it will download the latest version.
    8. Make sure to regularly reload this folder by doing rightclick and then Update.


    1. Grab the zipfile! I recommend using the SVN option.

    Where can I grab a copy of Tyrael?
    You can grab the latest copy of Tyrael from the attachment on this post, or if you prefer a SVN ... When downloading this botbase, you acknowledge that you've agreed with, read and understood the first and second post in this thread.

    Release SVN - Use the following checkout URL for the SVN:
    PHP Code: 
    Development SVN - If you feel like a true adventurer, you can also give this one a shot. Keep in mind that this is development and not always in a working state! I'd really suggest using the release versions!
    PHP Code: 

    This botbase is released under the GNU GPL v3 license.

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    Known routines which support LockSelector (Framelock)

    There are more, but these are untested by me.

    Frequently asked questions
    What is/does the HardLock, SoftLock, LockSelector, FrameLock and TPS (Ticks per second)?
    Honorbuddy is able to inject ONE action into the WoW client per frame executed by WoW (30 times if WoW runs at 30 FPS). Framelock fixes this by keeping one frame stuck until HB is finished with it. This results in the ability to perform multiple actions per frame instead of one. The result is that HB is able to perform a LOT more actions per second with a framelock than without (as its able to run all required actions in one frame instead of in MANY).

    If an action takes too long, and the frame is still locked when the next frame is ready you will have the well-known stutter/lag. This is a problem with the code running in a framelock.

    A 'Tick' in Honorbuddy is one full loop of processing through all of its actions (i.e. to loop through all plugins and through the combat routine).

    The TPS (ticks per second) in Tyrael is a setting to tell Honorbuddy how often to attempt to loop through all of the code every second. This is limited to the speed the plugin/CR code takes to execute.

    For example, if a combat routine takes 50ms to complete a full loop with no plugins running, the maximum amount of ticks which can be performed within 1 second is 20 (1000ms in a second. 1000/50 = 20). To benefit from the full maximum of 200 TPS, all plugin and CR code must execute at a maximum of 5ms (which is near impossible).

    What's the difference between HardLock and SoftLock?
    There is actually a quite important difference between the both of them. Advise on which one to use, is something I will not provide. If you're serious enough to play with it, you should do a few dummy tests with one of them enabled and see what works the best for you (DPS, HPS and FPS). There is quite a difference between routines, on how they react to both locks.

    Both of the options are a FrameLock method!

    • Hardlock: This locks Honorbuddy, BotBase and Routine in 1 frame per tick (This should in theory provide the best DPS/HPS).
    • Softlock: This does not lock Honorbuddy, but locks only the BotBase and routine in 1 frame per tick.

    What is/does the HealMode in Tyrael?
    The healmode allows Tyrael to heal while not in actual combat. Recommended for routines like Oracle and Leaves.

    Help! My hotkeys aren't working ... why?
    Something hijacked the hotkeys and/or its binding. A few known cases are listed below, but it's not limited to these programs only!

    • Teamviewer
    • AMD Gaming Involved Control Center (Raptr)

    Is the Tyrael announcement for Pause/Unpause safe?
    Yes it is, as safe as it's always been. It has nothing to do with the famous CHAT_MSG_ADDON and CHAT_MSG_* systems. Tyrael prints locally to the frame, and it doesn't trigger an event.

    Can we detect if this botbase is paused?
    Yes you can, you can use the public bool IsPaused to check ... True, false, you know the drill!

    Is there any personal detail's being collected?
    Yes. The botbase communicates with a statistics counter once every day when you use it. This is in order for me (nomnomnom) to keep track on the amount of users this botbase has (And to decide to keep it maintained or not). The only information collected is the date-time and location (City or wider). IP addresses are masked, I do not collect these. The only person with access to the statistics is me (nomnomnom). If you disagree with this, do not use this botbase. Keep in mind that when visiting a website, they collect more data then this will ever do.

    Tyrael revision 5.6.4. (Release)
    * Updated Tyrael to function with Honorbuddy's Character-Specific TPS setting.
    * Fixed Click to Move functionality ... Yes really!
    * Added the functionality to print Pause and Resume statuses to the Raid Warning (only you can read it!).
    * Added LinkLabels to the FAQ and Rep+.
    * Updated the logging method within Tyrael and added more Diagnostic Logging.
    * Added comments to most parts of the code.
    * Rearranged some code, renamed some methods.
    Tyrael revision 5.6.2. (Release)
    * When both HardLock and SoftLock are enabled, the SoftLock function will not kick in.
    * Rearranged some code and added comments.
    * Added support for the new AutoEquip (PulseFlags.CharacterManager).
    * Fixed the Click to Move function in Tyrael (Hopefully).
    * Added diagnostic logging for Tyrael in the HB logfile.
    * Added a warning when you change FrameLock settings while HB is running.
    Tyrael revision 5.6.0. (Release)
    * Some code has been reorganized.
    * GUI has had a small revamp. A bit more space on it now !
    * Reduced the amount of lines of the CreateRoot() Composite.
    * Removed Minify. The technique isn't ready yet and it seems to be hard to implement in a BotBase.
    * Increased the speed of version check in the AutoUpdater.
    * Added the option to Pause Tyrael with only the modifier key.
    * Added printing of Pause and Resume of Tyrael into the HB Log.
    * Added SoftLock into Tyrael (See the FAQ for more info).
    * Updated the Quick Config buttons to represent more variaty of speeds.
    Tyrael revision 5.5.8. (Beta)
    * Added bool RequiresProfile as false. Prevents HB from forcing a profile to be loaded with Tyrael.
    Tyrael revision 5.5.7. (Beta)
    * Added public IsPaused boolean. Can be used to check if Tyrael's paused or not by routines. This has been added to replace the TreeRoot.Stop() change.
    * Pause function has been repaired.
    * HealingMode change has been reverted. Auto select wasn't such a good idea after all ... :(!
    Tyrael revision 5.5.6. (Beta)
    * Fixed a minor issue with the quick setup buttons not saving TPS correctly.
    Tyrael revision 5.5.5. (Beta)
    * Healing mode is now automatically enabled when playing a healing class. You can still force HealingMode as a non-healer (or healer) in the GUI.
    * On pause, the TreeRoot is actually stopped now. On resume it restarts the TreeRoot with appropriate TPS.
    * 3 Quick-Config buttons are added for ease of use.
    * Changed some mouse-over text in the GUI.
    Tyrael revision 5.5.2. (Release)
    * Temporary disabled Minify - Caused crashes for routines/hb/gui.
    * Added autoupdater to the BotBase.
    * Minor changes also pushed.
    Tyrael revision 5.5.0. (Release)
    * Removed the Scaled TPS option.
    * Added the Minify Performance Enhancer.
    * Added PulseFlags.InfoPanel to the default PulseFlags.
    * Cleaned up some settings.
    * Made some minor code changes/improvements.
    * Updated the ASync key function to only react within the WoW window.
    Tyrael revision 5.3.0. (Release)
    * Removed Tyrael's own framelock.
    * Removed Tyrael's own ticks per second.
    * Hooked into the GlobalSettings (Honorbuddy) FrameLock.
    * Hooked into the GlobalSettings (Honorbuddy) TicksPerSecond.
    * Fixed the ChatOutput function.
    Tyrael revision 5.2.7. (Release)
    * Support for WoW patch 17399 - For new HB release.
    Tyrael revision 5.2.6. (Release)
    * Removed the Helper file, added the Utilities file.
    * Merged the Helper and HotkeyManager into the Utilities file.
    * Prepared the UI for new functions. Also some extra edits to the UI.
    * Attempt to fix the pause key. Looking promising!
    * Added option to disable CTM on startup (Click to Move).
    Tyrael revision 5.2.2. (Release)
    * Changed Healing Mode to Continuous Healing Mode on request of Wulf.
    * Added explanatory MouseOvers to the Tyrael GUI.
    * Fixed minor issue with the SanityCheckCombat() check.
    * Added RoutineManager.Current.RestBehavior on request of Millz.
    Tyrael revision 5.2.0. (Release) - Credits to Mirabis for some of the changes!
    * Some code is moved to different locations.
    * Added Logging.Write to Stop().
    * Updated CreateRoot() with Switch.
    * Split HealBehavior, CombatBuffBehavior and CombatBehavior over 3 AcquireFrames instead of all in one.
    * Fixed 299 errors caused by zone changes and teleports (I hope :P).
    * Re-added the TicksPerSecond (5) change when paused.
    Tyrael revision 5.1.6 (Release)
    * Tyrael has been rewritten to make it more smooth (Less code, more functions. Reports are that it feel's faster now, and Honorbuddy should also start a bit faster).
    * Plugins can now be properly enabled or disabled via the Tyrael GUI.
    * Pausing Tyrael also pauses the running plugins.
    * Behavior trees have been revised, making more logic now (Less checks, shorter trees, better order, so in theory a bit faster).
    Tyrael revision 5.1.0. (Release)
    * Reimplemented Hot keys.
    * Added support for RoutineManager.Current.PreCombatBuffBehavior.
    * Added support for RoutineManager.Current.CombatBuffBehavior. 
    Tyrael revision 5.0.3. (Release)
    * Implemented Plugin Pulsing (Allows you to use Plugins with Tyrael).
    Tyrael revision 5.0.2. (Developers)
    * Colors changed.
    * Added HealingMode (enables behaviors to be pulsed outside of combat).
    * Edited some output text.
    * Added HealBehavior.
    * Limited Sanity checking.
    * Removed dead code.
    Tyrael revision 5.0.1. (Release)
    * Fixed IsPaused mistake.
    * Removed ApplicationPath boolean. Not used anymore.
    * Changed OldTps to reflect the default of 30 TPS.
    * GUI edits done, ability to drag the GUI via entire upper white bar.
    Tyrael revision 5.0.0. (Release)
    * Hotkey manager updated to reflect new HonorBuddy API.
    * Selector added for non-modifier hotkey.
    * Checkbox added in GUI for WoW Chat-Output for pausing the botbase.
    * Minor graphical edits, new colors for text and some text cleanup.
    This botbase is released under the GNU GPL v3 license.

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    can you explain the paid routines?

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    some developers have premium versions of their CC's if you donate to them or pay them. It's actually messed up because they can't distinguish the difference between a donation and getting paid. I won't say names but they will have a MINUMUM donation such as $10 for a bronze version and like $40 donation for a platinum version.

    Websters dictionary defines a donation:

    a : the making of a gift especially to a charity or public institution
    b : a free contribution : gift

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    But in all honesty it's not that big of a deal because they have a free version available. If you would like that extra "edge" in PvE and PvP then the paid version is the way to go. So I'm on both sides since you aren't forced to donate to them.

    Take Tuanha for instance. His free CC's are AMAZING
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    amasing maybe a bit much as singular on a ww monk will acheive the same and usualy far better results than tuanha monk cc. And as soon as the were a charge to use the better version I stopped using it all together as personally I think it is wrong to say "Hey I have made a cc, want it to work aswell as it can well you'll have to pay me". I am fortunate enough to still have tyrael in my HB folder and have to say it works flawlessly I use lazy raider also, Tyrael is easier to setup however neither are rocket science. Thanks for bringing this back for us all however I completely support the blacklisting of certain routines, Not that my opinion on this will matter to anyone :-). Goodluck with the project and also pure rotation if it is anything as good as CLU it will be awesome.

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    Looking forward to this, Ive been looking for it!

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    Good to know that my Combat Routine got lift banned soon xD
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    So I've been wondering. What is the differences between Tyrael and LazyRaider?


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