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  1. massive amounts of crashing
  2. My, guer not repair armor, identifies items in guardaos bau, q do please?
  3. Really want a minimized windows, is that possible or not?
  4. bot not repairing gear
  5. Session expired
  6. DB keeps logging itself out
  7. 1/5 of my db keep disconnecting
  8. Error Attaching to Diablo III
  9. Loot Radius keeps changing during game- WHY
  10. Error Attaching to Diablo 3
  11. DB or might be Trinity that stops the movement of charecter then goes on fighting.
  12. System.OutOfMemoryException freeze
  13. System.OutOfMemoryException freeze
  14. Help with loading new loot rules.
  15. Bot stopped working?
  16. Minimizing D3 window?
  17. looting but not Identifying Legendaries
  18. Hello im new of course lol lil help please :D "bot wont work"
  19. Profile not changing act
  20. noob here needs...
  21. fire wall = derp
  22. Configuring Demon Buddy
  23. cant change monster power
  24. Help. Error with loading plugins.
  25. Bot runs MP 5 fine but relogs to Inferno MP0
  26. having issues on my db after log in
  27. Having issues with full invy and not teleing to town
  28. My bot dont want start
  29. Okay i just got demon buddy 1 session for 3 days
  30. System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception CM Wizard
  31. Cant run DB/Diablo more then 2-3 hours, then it crash
  32. Help with leveling
  33. DB Stops / logsout
  34. Problem with Demon Buddy ( Disconnection Error) Help me Please
  35. Cant find my key anywhere anymore
  36. Help can't get bot working.
  37. plz help
  38. Whats the best way to
  39. How can i Let him Only do XP and not Loot Gold from ground ?
  40. Cant figure how to install Trinity properly
  41. DB Crashes In windows 8 when create a game
  42. waypoints disconnect my client
  43. Cannot figure out how to loot...
  44. Diablo 3 Not Responding
  45. Total noob need help.
  46. need help with bitchdoctor
  47. DB crash with diablo3 window
  48. Bot won't move with new profile
  49. Problem bot not working
  50. Missing Loot rules set to custom/soft/hard
  51. Can i run demonbuddy in background?
  52. Diablo Crash after using Demonbuddy
  53. Error attaching to diablo 3
  54. Crash after updating Trinity plugin.
  55. changing profile for no reason HELP
  56. Not authorized!
  57. The way DB act
  58. Vendoring
  59. Diablo crashing while using DB issue
  60. Make myself more aggressive ? (more atking, less running around)
  61. Plugins section are blank
  62. Athentication Failed MAx sessions
  63. Having trouble with 4th instance of DB
  64. the application encountered an unexpected error
  65. DB works with windows 8.1 ??
  66. CAN anyone help me out here just bought a new key and this is what it says.
  67. How to find a mob's ActorID?
  68. Can not auto-repair
  69. Keep getting this error... Any thoughts... Im brand new =)
  70. Cannot get Demon Buddy to start Desperate
  71. Diablo 3 Crashing
  72. Not Authorised?
  73. Stuck at DB launch, haven't seen this error yet
  74. DemonBuddy won't start botting... "Bot Thread ended. Was this requested?"
  75. can't get demonbuddy to run please help~
  76. game connection has been lost : network disconnect error
  77. Can't get Demonbuddy to run
  78. Bot getting stuck alot
  79. Demonbuddy/d3 crashes
  80. DB Crashing after log in
  81. Stuck at Logging in...
  82. Help with a very annoying problem. the game connection has been lost:
  83. payment issue pls help
  84. Missing key
  85. Can't start a game anymore
  86. Sometimes my plugins page is blank, after restart my pc is ok. Help pls.
  87. Do you work with *** Business and do you know **** Website
  88. Process frozen / OutOfMemoryExcpetion
  89. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  90. Error attaching to Diablo III, Reason:System.ArgumentNullException
  91. System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thro
  92. my bot keep switching from mp6-10 back to mp 0
  93. BuddyAuth
  94. Can't use Demonbuddy anymore suddenly?
  95. Demonbuddy crashing on login
  96. First Timer Need help!Bot not working
  97. Bot die when I minimize, help please.
  98. Mega slow authentication/db login ?
  99. Problem with last beta
  100. Problem with launching DB after newest update.
  101. DB Beta - Diablo freezes at the end of profile
  102. How to keep legendarys unid??
  103. First time back in a year... Need help with profile please.
  104. Demonbuddy crashes
  105. Unable to set up Demonbuddy
  106. Closing Error Dialog
  107. Session expired and bot stopping automatic??
  108. My champ not attack the monsters!
  109. Error Diablo 3 has disconnected from server
  110. demon buddy crashes
  111. Need Help with a key
  112. DemonBuddy crash :o
  113. Demonbuddy product key
  114. Bot wont repair when items break
  115. Error message please help
  116. Can not load profile via my computer only via URL
  117. d3 crash
  118. Error Attaching - Never seen before
  119. Cannot retrieve key
  120. Bots stops and asks "[19:59:06.090 N] Bot Thread Ended. Was this requested?"
  121. Could not find file...
  122. YAR unchecks Trinity
  123. Need help.. When i load a XML it only fail every time..
  124. Monk dont play act 3
  125. When i Try to open Combat Routines - Demonbuddy Crashes.. Need help please
  126. I get this error need help
  127. D3 crashes ...then DB shuts down. Help if You can plz :)
  128. DB crashing after a few hours
  129. Demonbuddy logs out
  130. Authentication Failed?
  131. game alt+f4 after 5-10 min of botting
  132. you are not authorized to connect to this server
  133. Demonbuddy crashes instantly after clicking login
  134. My trinity config does not save.
  135. doesn't repair, doesn't salvage, doesn't stash
  136. Demonbuddy - Can't login.
  137. Question :D
  138. Feel as if I should be able to load more bots...
  139. Diablo 3 on backround 10fps ?
  140. My DB always restart in few minutes...
  141. My DB keeps crashing ALL the time! :(
  142. Multi bot issue
  143. Lost my Auth key
  144. game closeing after 5-10 min always =(
  145. Demonbuddy - Not repairing items.
  146. Monk: Attacks and then idles
  147. cant figure this out,
  148. Multiple Scripts Help
  149. Problem with message Network!
  150. Question about Gameplay and the routines!
  151. SystemOutOfMemoryException Thrown Lag
  152. diablo no response
  153. Character Running Around Like Fool
  154. 500 Error
  155. Error attaching
  156. D3 Stuttering only while botting
  157. Error attatching to D3
  158. where can buy a key
  159. Demonbuddy Login Code Problem...
  160. How to select character?
  161. Need help with Demonbuddy + ISBoxer
  162. Using Yar and Pipe is Broken?
  163. Error Attaching?
  164. Blacklist act 2 key warden
  165. Help with trinity
  166. Demon Buddy Wont Start
  167. hey guys got a problem i did evrything i could and searched up evrything on the forou
  168. Very annoying problem
  169. Db won?t run anymore..
  170. How to enable selling.
  171. Demonbuddy is not working
  172. dosen't pickup any gear since there are only 2 space left in the bag
  173. Need Barb combat routine :)
  174. Just bought DB, stuck logging in
  175. bot get error at mission selection ofc i know its me but how?
  176. Hey how to always load in monster power?
  177. W00t I'm stuck
  178. Error installing demonbuddy after formating the PC
  179. DB Error cropped up today
  180. Need help getting started. Please!
  181. says wow #0 wont connect
  182. how do i set the combat routine for my barb?
  183. Demonbuddy Problem!
  184. problem bot diablo 3 no loot no Questing
  185. Having trouble setting up a bot for the first time
  186. Stuck error
  187. Hello everyone! I'm new here and need a little help!
  188. DB Question - Easy?
  189. You not authorized.. - DB login server dead?
  190. Issues with Install
  191. Setting button still not working, despite start bot stop bot
  192. DB doesn't move
  193. This looks pretty strange
  194. DB - Havent used it for a while
  195. Demonbuddy error attaching
  196. ISOBoxer
  197. Yar question
  198. Having trouble with DB
  199. Demonbuddy Crashes when i click login
  200. Out of curiousity..why does the bot take so long to enter into a new zone?
  201. Crashing problem with log
  202. Please help demon buddy stuck in a loop.
  203. im a lifetime hb member how and whee can i get a key to try demonbuddy
  204. Demonbuddy Beta unable to download
  205. Getting error when trying to install
  206. Product Key
  207. Having troubles. Would like some help
  208. DemonBuddy on mac Parallels
  209. Deamon Buddy instal error 0x80070490
  210. Demonbuddy stuck on "Flashing window"
  211. Repair more often?
  212. Can't add any plugins without the bot stop working properly
  213. merging keys issue
  214. BOT just standing around until he's dead
  215. invalid key
  216. Ignore Elites option?
  217. Manual - Help
  218. Laggy
  219. Help!
  220. need Help
  221. db cant update
  222. Could not read bytes from 00000000 [299]
  223. DB login after crush
  224. Silly Question
  225. DB keeps shutting down
  226. Android app dont work -.-
  227. Need help whit my DB
  228. please help new user having problems with profiles
  229. Invalid Key after purchase
  230. Invalid Key after purchased
  231. Help~~~ Session expired
  232. Key run not working
  233. Bot doesn't work
  234. Invalid product key after purchase
  235. Losing Wired Connection to PC When Running Certain Amount of Clients
  236. activation code
  237. D3 and bot shutdown sometimes.
  238. Error message, "Process must have frozen or gotten out of sync...
  239. Not logging out on full stash
  240. Need help with profiles
  241. Re-downloaded DB but still didnt work
  242. Your bot got stuck! Trying to unstuck (attempt #6 of 15 attempts)
  243. Cannot load DB for D3
  244. Help!!!
  245. Creating game...
  246. My Charecter just sits in town
  247. Authentication failed
  248. I cant figure out how to pick up one hand weapons 59+ without 2hnd trash..simple fix?
  249. Help me please
  250. Diablo/demon buddy crashing