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New Profile Posts

  1. Kevin JR
    Kevin JR Xinu
    Hej. Jeg vil da gerne teste og give feedback til din Monk WOL routine. Jeg kan ikke selv kode eller på andre måder hjælpe, udover feedback. //
  2. nghia
    nghia demonviper
    hey bro. i'm newbie. can you help me my bot?? thanks mate
    1. demonviper
      Like what? there are a ton of guides on here for setup
      Nov 20, 2017 at 6:36 PM
  3. lanakim0217
  4. longdt
    longdt spliffermaster
    Can you send me StrongBox Crafter plugin ?
  5. fazio0
    fazio0 XXjinhyokXX
    Hi Bro, can u update Monk WoL combat routine ;D ?
  6. charbel
    charbel Frezzao1
    how long time did you get banned
  7. Yudi Ermawan
    Yudi Ermawan
    Hey give me Insane
  8. sanneh
    yo check out the latest post in HB forums
  9. MarcusMPatricio
    Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a small business owner living in London, United Kingdom. I am a fan of technology, fitness,
  10. ariyako
    ariyako g0dzix
    thanks for awesome fix [Plugin] DeathLogger!!
  11. Xionic
    quien me ayude le pagare :)
  12. Xionic
    nesesito ayuda para poder comprar en honorbudy , no me deja registrar , me pide el codigo i no compre todavia como voi a tener el codigo
  13. Vipp
    1. Xionic
      Hola , alguine save como carajos me registro en eso de que me pide la contraseña de la ultima compra o algo asi , quiero comprar pero no me deja , cosa mas rara i llevo asi semanas
      Oct 24, 2017
  14. steve1603
    steve1603 flexus
    Hey flexus was there ever a solution found for the chaos orb recipe plugin/routine? If so what was it and where do I find it. Thanks in advance.
  15. tiguana
    tiguana darksavior
    Hey. Did you find a good rotation bot? That's all I ever really wanted from HB.
  16. famousbro
    I need HELP wpfupdater
  17. the-quality
    the-quality ZephyrMMO

    i was a happy user of your Zingular.
    no its not available anymore.

    i loved your version, is their a chance for actual version?
    i want to use it for my druid

    1. Xionic
      amigo saves como comprar cuando te pide el codigo ese si no compre todavia xD como me registro o ago para comprar
      Oct 24, 2017
  18. HureArtistik
    HureArtistik kungen77
    hi i guess ur from germany ? : )
    hi ich vermute du kommst aus deutschland ?
  19. Rintf
  20. Rintf
    its on their discord faq channel