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New Profile Posts

  1. trungthanh1510
    trungthanh1510 @alisha
    Hello brother Can you help me. I want to create profiles that combine multiple regions.
  2. skyauspdm
    skyauspdm antispam
    hello can you send me pls the settings für discpriest in arena thx
  3. CatCat2014
    CatCat2014 oryions
    Hi how Long do u want ur account to be bot?
  4. Dawid
  5. DarkmincerLSO
    DarkmincerLSO Studio60
    Ok, I decided to give this a try, I can not figure out how to use the pet capture bot. Is there a step by step?
  6. fbm1256@yahoo.com
    fbm1256@yahoo.com Studio60
    Studio60, I would LOVE to buy your product but its not giving me the option to purchase with a way that i can. PLEASE HELP ME. I love your Profile and just need a way to purchase
  7. lil-m1
    lil-m1 Inrego
    i cant download salesman file why?
    it says: The Buddy Forum - Error
    You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
    1. ZephyrMMO
      Because that is beyond old and he is not comming back. It is dead and salesman sucked anyways. Just use Professionbuddy it does the same thing but much better
      Aug 2, 2017
      lil-m1 likes this.
  8. BestWarOCE
    BestWarOCE Night Breeze
    would also like to buy your 2.6 updated routines
  9. rudozing
    rudozing EricPhone
    請問我的暗黑3的Key一直顯示 used in the SoutheastAsia region recently. You can use your key only on one region at a time. 懷疑是被盜用了,我想要換KEY的話,需要到哪裡提供相關資訊呢?
  10. FakeName2
    FakeName2 Studio60
    Just wanted to thank you for creating, and constantly maintaining such great products. The only issue I have found so far in almost all your profile packs (have almost all of them and run them constantly) is flying mount getting stuck in warden towers in legion, but that is minor and takes a little monitoring. Keep up the fantastic work, it's greatly appreciated.
  11. Hedwynn
    Hedwynn Auk
    Having trouble replying to your post (Shinra, DRG Geirskogul/Nastrond stuff) due to the forum flagging everything I try to do as spam. Hit me with your discord info if you want to.
    1. Auk
    PROFESOR8 sl198986
    Can u show me ur skills , settings in BOT and EQ with parameters items?

    I have 770para and I can do only 76-77.
  13. Bantou
    Cloud Surfing - I'm allowed, I have a Bot!
  14. gurubadalbhargavji
    Love marriage specialist +91 9878403647
  15. gurubadalbhargavji
    Vashikaran mantra for love specialist Astrologer
  16. monkeybaby
  17. vu quang diep
  18. kang yun seok
    kang yun seok
    give me password
  19. Str8_No_life
    Let the scripts begin!
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  20. anonless