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    Default Flayer Youngling [Pet Battle]

    Pet: Flayer Youngling
    Zone: Razorthorn Rise between Hellfire Peninsula and Terokkar Forest

    About this Profile:
    This is a rare and somewhat difficult pet to acquire. This profile will just take you back and forth through the area. You can run it in GB2 and fly back and forth, or you can do it in Grind and kill all of the Flayers in the zone. Some comments stated that this will help, but I never had that work for me (doesn't mean it won't work for you.) Do NOT leave this unattended for any length period of time as the area is kind of small and there are almost always people here hunting for this pet.

    Here are a few comments I've found about this pet:

    From WowHead:
    I checked at this same time twice during the week and there were no additional spawns. Friday night/Sat AM (5:39am server) I checked again as this was the same day as my first experience with many spawns. I found 28 Flayer Younglings spawned at the same time and battled them consecutively in hopes of a rare. Both days I did not encounter any other players.
    As appears to be the case with many of the "low spawn rate but no special spawn condition" pets, it seems possible to get one of these to spawn by killing or battling the other battle pets in the zone.

    In my own experience, I flew the spawn area for these several times and saw nothing. I then left and outright killed about 10 or so battle pets, went back up the spawn area and, lo and behold, a Flayer Youngling. It was poor quality, but it counts for the unique pet capture achievement just the same.

    Happy Hunting!
    Terokkar Forest.jpg

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, Guadah!! All your pet profiles are great, I've used so many for some lovely pets <3
    I ran this twice for about a half hour each time (waiting for respawns) and got a rare P/P and an uncommon S/S, that I stoned! Just what I wanted.

    thank you, thank you, thank you!



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