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    Mar 15, 2017
    Sep 2, 2015
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    Mar 15, 2017
      1. skyauspdm
        hello can you send me pls the settings für discpriest in arena thx
      2. andybotter
        hey antispam,

        would u mind sharing your priest settings ?

        also do u have 2v2 / 3v3 settings or they are the same?

        can u give any advice on playstyle as a healer?

        really appreciate the help!
      3. Satanaelwow
        bro would u mind giving me war settings for gladiator suit pls i couldnt figure out lol
      4. stewbidou
        Yo dude. First, thanks for sharing your experience and CR settings. Im new to botting. So far I reached 2.2 on hunter rogue and shaman enh. Was thinking about using a boost for a healer. I think im gonna go for Priest and would love to have some goods settings!
      5. oevileye
        Hi, i've PMd you about priest settings! Thanks in advance :)
      6. nezokaco
        Hey sir ,

        İ need your Gladiator Suite - Priest settings

        i'm playing Arena 3v3 and sometimes bg.

        i sending p.m
      7. antispam
        All of you have been replied to in PM
      8. renown
        Hello antispam,
        Can u help me maybe with the best Settings for Vitalic?

        Tanks a lot
      9. superser
        Seting to priest dc , warlock affly , warrior ? All in gladiator suite plz ,thx ^^
      10. bjcba
        Hey, I wandering about you gs settings for priest, can you please send it to me, thank you
      11. rhettro1989
        Hi- was wondering what settings you run for your priest? Wanting to push ratings this season. Thank you in advance
      12. antispam
        I sent you a private message @Dray1978
      13. Dray1978
        Can you help me for tips i am at 1900 in 2s

        But against double dps (like dk warrior) can you tell how to survive against it .. Wich talents u use ..

        Do u have a how to priest arena guide !?

        Best regards ray
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      I main priest, but also play rogue and aff lock. My first time getting 2600 was in MoP on priest and have been 2.4 on rogue and high rated on several other classes. I have been using HB Cr's since WoD.


      Combat Routines Owned:
      GladiatorSuite - Warlock
      GladiatorSuite - Priest
      Vitalic Rogue
      GladiatorSuite - Warrior
      GladiatorSuite - Deathknight
      TuanHA Rogue

      Rating using Routines
      2.6xp Priest
      2.4xp Rogue

      2.2xp Warrior