Demonbuddy for Season 16 released, !
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Mar 12, 2019
Jan 15, 2010
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Mar 1, 1977 (Age: 42)
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gcxbfhgfg Mar 3, 2017

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Mar 12, 2019
    1. forvirrad
      Hey Bossland I wonder if it is possible to buy only HonnorBuddy lifetime without GatherBuddy at a lower price when I only need one bot and not two? Hope that it is possible to resolve becuse I want to have your bot. i have used it for some time through a friend's computer and I find it very good but a bit too expensive for me :(

      With friendly Greetings Forvirrad :p
    2. greenough
      I was told to send you a message i posted in the payment issues havent got a reply.
      Yesterday i bought a a paid plugin, i didnt recieve any emails so i thought it didnt go through.
      So i ordered it again and i still havent received any emails in my my inbox or spam.
      So i was wondering if i could get a refund on one and you could resend the other code or something.
    3. grymreaper
      hey im having trouble logging in im not sure why but evertime i put my details in i get told its the wrong password i have tried to reset it many times but still no good

      my invoice No. is 47311
    4. stoneminer
      I have paid for gatherbuddy but i get "used all sessions" Thanks
    5. noth1n
      Invoice number 47301.

      Having trouble logging in. The Invoice is payed for, is there some kind of delayed activation of the account?

      Thanks for info.
    6. bastians
      hai..anyone to know how to delete all my GB of purchase invoices? I've made a mistake in ordering .. ty
      thank you for those who want to help..:)
    7. bastians
      hi boss..
      can you delete all my invoices, I have made a mistake with it, and who can delete it all just you. thanks before
    8. Wallid
      I bought HB for a few day ago and nothing happened so I was wondering if you could help me.
      The order number is 46275.
    9. rulandarief
      hai boosland can u hlp me pls, with my second gatherbuddy, it can not be used all ..? when i try to login, the

      Buddy Sessions: 0/0
      Shared Sessions: 0/0
      Please purchase a Buddy Product!
      thnx 4 atention..
    10. Gyorn
      Happy Birthday Bossland!!!! :D
    11. Mikko
      hi bossland i bought a lifetime last week i no longer need that much sessions since i already own 2x lifetimers my Invoice is 45167 . can i get a refund plz thanks bossland
    12. White Devil
      White Devil
      dude i sent u 2 emails with all my pay pal info on the life time gather buddy account when i purchased it and i still havent gotten a response back yet plz man its been like 2 weeks plz help me i really want it back sorry if i sound mean i really dont mean to plz help i saw u were online BTW ur stored msgs are full so i cant send u any more private msgs
    13. Enteresan
    14. Enteresan
      I need your help on payment issues
    15. stewiethecat
      I got HB about a month ago and I really like it, I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to a lifetime account by paying the difference in cost from HB to lifetime
    16. poppekast
      Verry Bussy man i think..
      Take extra personel to read the Blogs and questions..

    17. Trebbien
      Hello i have now got my membership cancled your Support istn even answering. can i get my money back. i my bot was working Half. so i wanted money back or fixed. they just deleted my membership.. and nothing els. wtf??
    18. pede-g
      I just logged into HB
      it fucked up, so I restarted it. Now it says that I have used up my sessions..
      I spent 25€ on 10 seconds of botting ? O.o
    19. Undie92
      Hello Bossland, how is it going with the HB? :) I'm very very satisfied with HB and really want it going again!
    20. margaux37
      Hello Bossland,

      I'm Margaux37, I am a holder of 7 sessions GB, and I ask you please to read the PM I sent you are to compile my 7 sessions of 3 slots on one m as Tony has explained that No it was not difficult for you to help me in this spot, thank you;)
      Contact me by pm if you want to proceed, thank you very much, I wait to change your resume 8 th because I'll turn 24char now , Thank's ...

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