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      1. asaguden
        Ehm, hey, i just bought HB, and when im trying to log in after i exited the program, it says i've run out of sessions, wut?
      2. glacias
        new gather doesnt support my paths - and if I create new one - its not shown in a path list - plz help cuz its a dead end
      3. mezhakov
        hi sorry my eng very bad

        im cant download need permission

        You are not logged in. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and try again.
        You may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
        If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

        here my login in forum and acc bot

        forum - mezhakov
        bot - mezhakov

        this is my id ---------> Transaction ID: 0G0026313N1775848

        can im got permission ?

      4. Harax
        Can you approve the last payment i did? Invoice 43764 (not sure if you saw my forum thread)
      5. makaveliS
        Invoice Number 43761. I ask to check the payment and activate a lifetime, please. 2 days of waiting
      6. asaguden
        How long does it take from that i made the payment until it actually draws the money from me and i get my item? :P
      7. seVen
        LT invoice paid 43762 pls check and upgrade thx
      8. vinko4444
        hi wollte maal fragen ob es eine möglichkeit gibt eine 4 session für 25-27 euro zu kaufen für meinen acc kann mit paypal bezahlen
      9. Z3rox
        Hello, I´ve purchased Gatherbuddy engine today for 30 days of use in sence of using it for archaeology farming, but this purpose actually serves Honorbuddy, your other product, as I just noticed. So I´d like to ask you if there is any possibility of exchange or refund. I´d really appreciate it. Thank you for your concern.
        I was bought this program for Archeology bot,Can you swift of function like Honor bot,Leveling bot,and Questing bot and enable me only Archeo ? 25€ is lot of many,i need only Archeo

        I need trinket :(

        Only what i need is that Trinket :/
      10. Undie92
        Hello Bossland, i payed for Honorbuddy, and i haven't gotten it, would be appreciated to recieve the Honorbuddy as soon as you can! :)
      11. themadman
        i gott " gather buddy needs to install an extra component to work, it will do it now. once finished, please restart gather buddy"and am restarting the program i still got the same message, and when i delete the "file" it doesn't happen anything, and i honestly don't know what to do.....
      12. Schlange89
        ich wollte mich seit langem wieder mal in gatherbuddy einloggen und ein bisschen erz farmen... ich habe dazumals ein livetime abo gekauft, nur kann ich mich nicht mehr einloggen... Authentication failed!... steht da immer
        könntest du mir den grund dazu nennen?
        gruss Schlange89
      13. resp3ct
        i bought the wrong bot i think 2 days ago and have been asking for a switch over :( can you please switch GB to HB the invoice is 43258. thanks
      14. Project-25
        I already paid for 30 days key 2 days ago.
        my invoice number 43057
        please delete this invoice 43058
        I need it ASAP
      15. raybee
        still waiting for upgrade, been around 24 hours now maybe more :(
      16. Arcronis
        waiting for my upgrade!!!!!!
      17. ErrOr
      18. kenn3th
        I was instructed by my bank to get a hold of your e-mail as I have not received any 80 Euro refund.
        If this is not possible, I guess a reply here would suffice.
        I would like to know if the refund for the invoice 41329 was successful and if so, could you e-mail me the details regarding the refund (or a screenshot to verify that you processed the refund) as this would help my bank with the refund process.
        You mentioned it could take 2 weeks, but others mentioned 1-2 business days and my bank mentioned that most refunds take 5 working days.

        Anyways, please forward a screenshot / submit proof that a refund was issued to my e-mail kenn3th@hotmail.com

        I appreciate it and thank you for your time
      19. askjr187
        Hey Bossland i Just purchased the gatherbuddy 30 day and i open wow up then when i try to open gatherbuddy i get a error saying acess is denied can u please authenticate my account or do whatever you need to do so i can start using the program please :) Thank you, askjr187 (my invoice number is 43292 )
      20. resp3ct
        hey umm i bought the wrong bot i bought GB when i wanted HB can i please get a refund or w/e it is that you guys do so i can buy HB? thx :)
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