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      1. Ahempo
        As a lifetimer i would like to start making plugins i went tho "HonorBuddy: Getting Started as a Plugin Writer" but i cannot access it nor can i find the data i need anywhere else, do i need to upgrade my account?

      2. Obwncnblowme
        Hello Can you please give me refund. Thanks.
      3. AKAstoneAKA
        Lieber Bossland.
        Mein Honorbuddy Account wurde vor geraumer Zeit gehackt und ich habe mich mehrmals an den Support gewendet, doch bekam einfach keine Antwort. Ich habe alle Daten bereit und würde ihn gerne wieder haben, da ich ja nicht umsonst gezahlt habe! Auf dem Account ist einmal die RAF Version drauf + eine normale HB version.
        Hier sind die Daten der einzelnen Version :

        Bestellt wurde es am
        04.06.2010 12:30 AM

        Die Bestellnummer lautet

        und hier die der RAF Version :

        Bestellt wurde es am
        05.06.2010 9:46 PM.

        Die Bestellnummer lautet

        Mein Account wurde mit der Email Adresse " priincerap@hotmail.de " registriert. Es wäre sehr nett von Ihnen, eine Passwort Rücksetzung an die Registrierungs Email zu schicken.

        Mit vielen Grüßen & einen schönen Abend noch.

        Mit vielen Grüßen
      4. mytheron
        Hi Bossland;
        Please delete my invoices 42453,42452,42451,42464.I buy a lifetime my other account.thnx
      5. japie202

        Realy i dont know whats up whit this HB buying thing, but i cant buy anything, tried more pc's and more accounts and it just doesnt work. Can u please fix this.
      6. Guadah

        I was wondering if it would be possible to change my account name from Guadah to Omega or AlphaOmega. When I created my account here, I used a main character name that can be connected with my account in world of warcraft. This will cause a problem for me once I start posting some of my profiles, and currently is the only reason I have not posted more.

        Thanks for your time.
      7. bassmann22
        hello bossland i payed for honorbuddy but i cant log in the honorbuddy can you help me? my invoice 42383
      8. themadman
        i have been trying to pay for a lifetime, honnorbuddy. but nohting is happening. and i honestly dont know what to do, have been waiting for like four days now, and am sick of waiting. hehe, well anyway my the order number is 42170

      9. japie202
        Hey boss, for some reason i cant buy honorbuddy, i think my run time went off but now i want to buy a new one but its keeps nocking me back to the login phase... when it wants to u go to the ideal page. Could u please fix this?
      10. joshuakg11
        hey boss, i need to change the pw to my hb/gb.....i changed it for the forums, but its still the same pw when i fire up the program. i'd like to change it bc i dont want someone else to use it. i need to know how to fix this asap. ty.
      11. mytheron
        Hi boss,last night I bought a new user name by entering an unlimited, by checking it to me please send a mail to info? new and I can not enter my username and password, please control whether the user activates''step''Are gnorlie.
      12. deepasnani
        Hi Bossland, I had purchased GB about 2-3 months ago, I was hacked in december and my account info for GB was changed, My payment method was creditcard when I purchased, my email was ryin.horne-raw@hotmail.com, my GB login was Deep. i think, and my name is Erik and my order number was 25781. Thanks
        [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif] [/FONT]
      13. john75670
        Hi Bossland i have purchased gather buddy but i cant seen to get it to work when i log onto the site it says i have unpaid invoice of 25 euro but when i call my bank card it says that the money was taken off my card i dont know what is going on but my invoice number is 42556 if u can please accept my account for the gather buddy 30 day purchase asap that will be great. Thank You john75670
      14. bassmann22
        hi bossland. my is Invoice Number 42383 plz accept my account for honorbuddy
      15. kenn3th
        Hi Bossland,
        I am writing to you with regards to a transaction that took place, but my service was terminated.
        I have contacted my bank with regards to this and they told me to provide you this number to help you locate my payment - 085209
        I asked for a refund, but I did mention in a later post, after receiving feedback from members that I wanted to try out the product further in order to determine the true cause of all the errors.
        Additionally, it seems you have plenty of happy customers so I see potential.
        If you have refunded me, please let me know so that I can get my bank to inform me as soon as the refund goes through.
        If you haven't, please look into the invoice number and rectify any problems when you find the time.
        The account was disabled around 1.30pm yesterday.

      16. Informed
        Can you please give me an invoice ASAP for lifetime? I purchased 1-year not knowing that I couldn't use flying mounts.. I really need the flying mount support please. Thank you! The account is under "Informed" -- thanks a bunch! Once again, lifetime upgrade please.

      17. kevolev
        Hey... when i try to log in it says...
        loading honor buddy
        gatherbuddy sessions 0/0
        honorbuddy sessions 0/0
        shared session 0/0
        invalid account detailsauthentication failed!

      18. kenn3th
        Hi Bossland, could you please look into my invoice number 41329
        as the account has been disabled... even though my payment went through and it says I need to pay again...
        My bank has told me to provide you with their unique invoice number 085209 if you have problems locating my payment
      19. stumpan
        I bought Honorbuddy for 25 euro, but I forgot to login on this homepage when I bought it, but the money was successfully taken from my credit card.
        How can I get my bot ??
        I got the receipt on my Email from paypal

      20. Lightest
        Hi, Bossland.
        Can you give me invoice for uprgading GB to lifetime version? I have two standart GB on one account, so, if you can upgrade one of them to lifetime - it will be great!
        Account is "Lightest".
        Thank you very much.

        P.S. sorry for my english, it's not native language for me :)
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