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    Feb 17, 2010
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    Jun 29, 2014
      1. Kopped
        is it true you're making cowstats 4.0 ajax?
      2. Ripperpt
        m8 i need to talk whit you, i try to PM you but, your PM box is full.

      3. yura
        alex - please online with ur msn!!!!
      4. hawkone
        Hey could you tell me what is this "ground unstuck plugin"? i really do need it for archbuddy cause my archbuddy keeps getting stucked in few EK spots.. could you give me the link to download it? can't find it thanks
      5. frozty96
        this program wont co-operate with me, i was struggeling for hours to get it working, then i got it working, and then after a while it stopped working.
        Could you possibly help me via teamviewer? or anyone who knows how to set this up.

        *Dont tell me to check my port etc, i've hosted and setup a couple of wow servers and websites so i know how to do all that!*

        I get this error:

        Could not start server: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted
      6. yeladies
        Hi can i suggest u something to your cowstats plugin?

        It would be great if you could edit the plugin to not request login data to enter the site. So the configuration of the login was in a configuration file on the web host and so just enter the url to see the monitoring and to share it with friends and other users.

        Not if I explained well.

        What remains for my English I am a little out of practice
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