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    Jul 30, 2018
      1. azorian
        Hello friend have been reading some of your posts ont HB coding, i found very interesting some of them, (havent seen all i must be honest), but i really got interested in the Template you made for Plugins for HB.
        Unfortunatly, you removed the download of that code from the forum becouse some ppl were putting your work down.

        Well in any case i would like to say that i saw some of your contributions and they were pretty good.
        I would like to know if there is any chance at all to get the template code you made for HB plugins.

        Many thanx in advance.

        P.S. Dont let others put you down, they try to do that becouse they either try to show to others that they "are better" than you are but the reality is that they are not.
        ppl that dont have real arguments to talk about a matter either become violent or try to put them selfs above others.....those ppl are idots ! just forget them its not worth the waste of time.
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