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      1. lil-m1
        i cant download salesman file why?
        it says: The Buddy Forum - Error
        You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
        1. ZephyrMMO
          Because that is beyond old and he is not comming back. It is dead and salesman sucked anyways. Just use Professionbuddy it does the same thing but much better
          Aug 2, 2017
          lil-m1 likes this.
      2. Thecamel
        Could you please reply to my keys request, Or I will forward this matter to the buddy team
      3. Nammz
        Is there anyway I can get Salesman pro?
      4. Sean25
        Couldnt reply to that other message cause your storage is full but I was wondering does it make HB profiles or <GlideProfile> profiles? Because I have one that does <GlideProfile> and idk how to convert it
      5. Ernst Otten
        Ernst Otten
        hey man are you good with PB can you make a profile i can pay :)
      6. Lbniese
        Clear your inbox.
      7. arastaf
        Wanted to say thanks for your great work.

        There is an error in your Herb farming profile. Adder's Tongue.xml line 78

        <LoadProfileAction ProfileType="Honorbuddy" Path="HBProfiles\N\Northrend\AddersTongue Sholazar-Basin.xml" />

        Should read

        <LoadProfileAction ProfileType="Honorbuddy" Path="HBProfiles\Northrend\AddersTongue Sholazar-Basin.xml" />
      8. Crzyballr
        Hey man

        I Was asking around for profiles to farm mats for say 1-525 jc and lw and was told to pm you :)

        Can you help me?

        Thanks :)
      9. m2511
        Purchased a custom profile from him and he did a great job. Was done very quickly and showed me how to edit it should I need to in the future. Also used his Ultimate Farming profile and it worked extremely well! I would recommend his services to anyone. Thanks again Inrego!
      10. HB7149I36
        Just bought a costum profile from Inrego, not just did he finish it fast it's pure amazing!
        Huge +rep to him and i will definitely buy from him again!
      11. bot till ya drop
        bot till ya drop
        Ultimate Farming Profile works amazingly well, thanks.
      12. whatsayu
        Made me an excellent PB profile, and a helpful guy. Recommended, and will use again if needed.
      13. Rawrrawrmeow
        PM me :) i cleared my inbox
      14. chtpm
        First of all great guy, he is a really nice person very polite and friendly =) He did a very good jog creating a personal profile for PB that Im am really happy with. It just took him a couple of hours and works wonderfull. Thanks for the help Inrego, thumbs up for you. Will definetely make more business with you in the future
      15. Exploiter
        Working with this guy is so nice, even gave him my TW to fix problem with profile, now everything is working like it should.
        If you need good profile maker, dont hesitate, just send him PM, and you will enjoy his profile in short time.
      16. upirj
        Amazing person to have a business with - He really care about the quality of the work he is doing. 100 % trusted and good professional in coding thx a lot for your work !
      17. biddiz
        Made a custom PB-profile for me - amazing. The profile was done very quickly, very well arranged and easy to configure. Absolutely recommendable!
      18. P_0_T
        Made a personal profile for me. Got it done really fast, and included everything(+more) I required.

        Anyone who needs a profile made, this is your guy.
      19. billonis
        he made a profile to autocod the mail i got for a small amount of cash,100% to be trusted,fast and helpful
      20. Inrego
        I don't have an SVN atm. Been thinking about making one, but I don't think it's necessary yet when I'm only maintaining one profile.
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