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    Jan 31, 2017
    Jan 18, 2011
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    February 20

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    New Member, from Germany

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    Jan 31, 2017
      1. davoud
        hello dear katzerle i cant download this fileMoteExtractor.zip
        any chance i can get it somewhere else ?
      2. jexed
        gta rooftop derby
      3. donkeydodo
        Hello, how come your Rarekiller plugin isn't open? It says it's restricted wich is kind of annoying beause i really want TLPD and aeonaxx =( Help please!
        Peace out, Donkeydodo
      4. katzerle
        First: Heyho to all people, who are missing me. I'm still here, but most of the time just reading :).
        As you know, I had to take a break from developing for several months and the break is still ongoing.

        The sourcecode of Rarekiller is open, you find it here with all developerfiles needed for Microsoft Visual Studio express 2010. This sourcecode could be used from everybody to program own Plugins ;) I hope sometime someone else will take care of my plugins or use my code to program a better Version of them, because I don't have the time for this any more... maybe it's better in one of the next years ;)

        My two little Sons (2 Months and 2 Jears old) are a 24h fulltime job ;)
        Thanks to everybody missing me ;)
      5. panYama
        may a other developer pick up your The Rare killer plugin when your not here?
      6. katzerle
        Dear Community :(
        The last Days I notice more and more, that I don't have the time to develop Plugins any more.
        And it looks like it wouldn't get better the next months/years, because in the next months my Life will change completely again. And then I need even more time for RL and my Family.
        So It's time for me to become a normal HB-User again, maybe not even this (Because I also have no Time for WOW then).

        I will try to bring out a last Update on the Plugin Rarekiller next week, with updates on the Red-Gem-Problem and some minor wishes of the last Posts. This will be the last update from me. Maybe I will be able to keep the Plugin up to date some more months, if it doesn't work any more, because the Bot changes... but I will not be able to bugfix or implement new things any more.

        It was a great time for me here as Plugin Developer and you are a great community. :cool:
        Thanks for all
      7. katzerle
        .... with ill son at the moment. So sorry that I'm not here often at the Moment. But every single free Moment I try to sleep a bit -.-
        Hopefully he get better soon.
      8. katzerle
        Heyho :)
        I finished programming, but I havn't got the Time to test the functionality, yesturday. Will catch this up today evening. Then you get the Plugin ;).
      9. zuabros
        hi mate!

        any update on the mote extractor ? (zapthrottle mote extractor)?
      10. katzerle
        Sorry @all, for the Slow Updates at the Moment. My son is really timeconsuming at the Moment so I don't have many time for development. But I'm looking forward to upload new Versions of RunMacro, ProfileChanger and Rarekiller till End of the Week with your wishes and some Bugfixing.
      11. katzerle
        Hi @All
        I'm on Holiday from 22.04.2001 - 24.04.2011
      12. katzerle
        Welcome to my Profile @ All :)
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    • About

      February 20
      beside programming I juggle with Fire, play D&D and love middle age markets


      I'm back as Plugin Developer :eek:

      My Plugins for Honorbuddy:
      Rarekiller to pull or tame every Mob you want
      Profile Changer to Change Profiles after x Minutes
      Simple Rare Alert for those who need a really loud alerting Rarefinder

      Native Language is German ;)