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    Mar 10, 2017
      1. Trynda
        Hallo buddy :)
        I saw you have many experience in this world of botting, can you give some good advices please for some newbie who want earn some benefices in this world? You said that now botting in WoW isnt worth, it can be true..but, in other MMO where the botting community is less than the requirement of gold, can be worth use the moment, like the release of Diablo 3, the burst start of players was very very worth, so, is worth bot on WoW or better search for other games, the only problem i just invest 200$ on WoW...
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      My botting setup: 4770k, 3570k, 2600k, FX-8150, i7-930, i7-920, i7-920, 2500k, 2500k, 1060t, 1055t, FX-6300, G1840(test)
      Ni hao and farm some gold.
      My tip to the new botters: Get a used computer, VNC and openVPN alternatively a 3G-modem with flat rate.