Demonbuddy for Season 16 released, !
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Jan 8, 2016
Jul 1, 2010
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Jan 8, 2016
    1. bluestahli
    2. AknA
      I have set up a SVN for both plugin and addon and uploaded the files, now it's up to you if you would like it to be used or not, I would rather take this on like Skype, but as what I post here is public and not private I won't post my skype adress here (and I can't PM you). So when you read this, if you could pm me your skype or something it would be easier to talk.

    3. AknA
      Heya Sidalol!
      I can't send PM's to you as your mailbox is full :(
      So I hope you get this message this way instead.
      About your plugin PimpMyGuild.
      For me, I got alot of wow errors when I used your plugin (with the modified addon) and as a addon developer it annoyed me :P
      So I made some changes to your plugin and allso made changes to the latest ver of SGI (ver 6.1c) for it to work with the modifications I made to your plugin.
      The current changes I made is on page 36 of PimpMyGuild.

      I have come up with more things I would like to add (most code will be made to SGI addon and not plugin) but I don't want to make more changes without your permission.
      What I was hopeing is that we make a svn download for the plugin (and addon changes) and that you would allow me to have a login to the svn to update changes as well.
      This is your plugin and I have no intention to steal it or make any spinoff from it, I want to improve it but I want to do it with you :)

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