Important Change for Honorbuddy, Demonbuddy and HearthBuddy Lifetime Users

    Greetings Buddies,
    For our long term plans, it is inevitable to do the following changes effective immediately (tomorrow - 18 January 2017). We are changing all existing Demonbuddy and Honorbuddy Lifetime licenses to expire after 2 years of usage.

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    Things Not to Post

    • Offensive/Rude Language in Thread Titles.
    • Game exploits, hacks, and cr4cks
    • Discussion of emulated ("private") servers, stolen software, drugs or any other real-life illegal acts.
    • Scams, WTT/WTS/WTB, Sales of goods or services / Advertisements, Poll / Survey threads, +rep threads, Job offers, requesting donations, ALL CAPS, or anything that the mods feel is spam like.
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    • Unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted work.
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    • No "personal details" (e.g., Skype IDs, email addresses, etc.)
    • Recruitment threads—looking for "arena partners", "toons to fill out a guild/raid", etc.
    • Reporting or threatening to report botters. (this is an automatic perma-ban offense)
    • No posting stupid annoying spammy type sites. Such as websites with lock loops
    • Topics with WTF/WTH in the title will be deleted and not answered.
    • No bumping posts.
    • Only Bossland GmbH staff may create "[Official]" threads.
    • No topics titled "Banwave" when there is not a banwave. Admins and Mods will make posts addressing Banwaves.
    • No topics titled "Bossland take a look here","Hawker i have a big problem" etc.
    • No giving away accounts (Buddy products, or WoW) - Sorry but there are too many scammers to allow this. If you want to donate your account for the Gb/Hb team to use for testing contact
    • Posting Spam or Youtube Spam will end in a Permanent Ban.
    and last but not least
    • Do not post an issue without your log as attachment
    • such posts will be deleted and not answered.
    Special Considerations for Community Developers
    • The "Support thread" for a Buddy Store product is expected to link back to the Buddy Store product.
    • You may not advertise your product in any thread outside the product\'s Support thread.
    • "No advertising" your product includes forum signatures, also.
    Etiquette Guidelines
    • Use the search function to identify common solutions to your question before making a new topic.
    • Keep signatures & avatars to a moderate size and taste.
    • Do not flame or troll in other member?s topics.
    • Make sure you are posting your thread in the correct forum. (Support Question ? Support forum)
    • Avoid cross-posting the same topic in multiple forums.
    • Do not target your posts for specific employees.
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    • We strive VERY hard to apply rules in an even-handed fashion...
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    • The rules have legal ramifications you may not understand,
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