Important Change for Honorbuddy, Demonbuddy and HearthBuddy Lifetime Users

    Greetings Buddies,
    For our long term plans, it is inevitable to do the following changes effective immediately (tomorrow - 18 January 2017). We are changing all existing Demonbuddy and Honorbuddy Lifetime licenses to expire after 2 years of usage.

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  1. So i have been banned??

    Started by Jono995, 04.02.2017 06:11
    1000+, 20th, 70%;, account, activities, ago, auction, auctions, ban, banned, bot, bots, botted, botting, che4ts, combat, confused, count;, couple, day, day;, h4cks, hit, honorbuddy, hopping;no, january, legitimate, level, listed, mods, month, non-honorbuddy, non-legitimate, odd, participated, past, piroxbots, post, protections, questing, relogger, routines, server, shutdown, singular;, suspension, toons, vpn;no, week;, weeks
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  2. 1/1 Banned - First time :(

    Started by Cicrocoft, 01.02.2017 11:24
    10+, account, all-bot, archeology, arena, ashran, ban, battlegrounds, bot, creating, day, diving, dungeon, dungeons, e.g, etc.;, farming, gold, honorbuddy, hours;, human/bot, january, kalimdor, legion, lfr;, management;, mixed, no;, non-rated;, observations, only;, parties, party;, past, person, profiles, pvp, questing, raiding, rated, server, sessions, set, solo, specify;, time, weeks, wintergrasp, yes;, zones
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  3. Where is my "new" 2 year key?

    Started by lolzchicken, 22.01.2017 11:17
    changing, demonbuddy, effective, existing, expire, expired, honorbuddy, immediately, inevitable, january, key, keys, licenses, lifetime, plans, term, tomorrow, usage
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  4. Life time key gone GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!

    Started by mofotyler, 22.01.2017 08:10
    $$$, 1/2, 1st, 33$, accounts, backlash, buying, calm, coming, complaint, cost, crazy, day, gold, heck, honestly, imagine, january, key, legal, life, money, month, notice, pay, profile, running, sellers, service, sign, till, time
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  5. A few bug reports for the new version.

    Started by Neverdyne, 20.01.2017 03:24
    args, arguments, binder, bindingflags, boolean, broken, bug, buy, constructor, culture, cultureinfo, cusershans, dieterdocumentsrebornbuddypluginsrebornconsolerebornconsole.csline, dieterdocumentsrebornbuddypluginsrebornconsoletemp0kbym4st.0.csline,, exception, found, highvoltz.codedriver.compileandrunstring, input, invocation, invokeattr, itemcount, itemid, january, modifiers, namedparams, obj, object, object[], parametermodifier[], parameters, providedargs, reference, reports, sig, signature, stack, string[], stuff, system.nullreferenceexception, system.reflection.runtimemethodinfo.invokeobject, system.reflection.runtimemethodinfo.unsafeinvokeinternalobject, system.runtimemethodhandle.invokemethodobject, system.runtimetype.invokememberstring, system.type.invokememberstring, target, thrown, trace, uint32, version
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  6. PSA- 7.1.5 drops Tuesday Jan 10th

    Started by Medens, 07.01.2017 04:33
    10th, 7.1.5, attention, aware, bans, bot, botting, build, check, coming, dropped, drops, due, enjoy, facebook, fails, folks, fun, jan, january, jumping, launcher, loops, modify, official, page, patch, patient, patiently, pay, program, psa-, ring, running, security, takes, time, tons, tuesday, wait
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  7. Server Maint. Today

    Started by Crabsnkittens, 26.12.2016 17:14
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    affect, ahead, america, announced, approximately, cet, completed, december, downloads, europe, game, hours, issues, january, maint, maintenance, north, note, performing, periods, plan, players, pst, reduce, region, require, restart, restarts, run, running, series, server, smoothly, starting, taking, thread, time, upcoming, utc, weeks
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  8. The new year 2017 and our plans

    Started by Bossland, 23.12.2016 17:16
    1st, 31th, abut, adenabuddy, archebuddy, base, bossland, bot, buddies, buddywing, consistent, date, discontinue, due, faded, game, huge, issues, january, links, list, lossmakers, march, niche, plans, product, products, purchase, quality, started, successful, support, supporting, tankleader, user, wildbuddy, worth, wot
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  9. 2016 is ending, brief summary on legal

    Started by Bossland, 22.12.2016 16:07
    12th, 25th, 3-4, amounting, analyzed, blizzard, bossland, checked, count, court, damages, day, decide, decision, decisions, demand, eur, federal, fighted, flooding, forum, forums, germany, gmbh, happy, heavily, honorbuddy, hope, involved, january, justice, legal, managed, missing, past, people, postings, posts, products, regional, report, run, spending, started, statistics, summary, though;, time, win, zwickau
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  10. Bossland GmbH v. Blizzard, the never ending story

    Started by Bossland, 11.11.2016 09:48
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    12th, automate, blizzard, bots, britain, buddies, continue, copyright, court, created, decided, decision, england, european, expect, faster, federal, free, gameplay, games, germany, honorbuddy, hope, infringement, injunction, ireland, january, judgement, justice, kingdom, lawsuit, lawsuits, majestys, meeting, northern, opinion, pay, pending, publish, received, somewhen, speculate, temporary, time, trial, tyrant, united, update, watching, watchover
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  11. It Was Good, Honorbuddy.

    Started by ManuelFistbeard, 10.11.2016 20:14
    2am, 90%, account, adieu, afk, ban, banhammer, bid, bot, botting, class, complaining, corps, day, decided, delving, enjoy, entangled, enyo/tuanhas, fast, finally, game, glider, guest, hard, hit, home, honorbuddy, hours, january, july, launch, lost, love, luck, lurkers, marine, mythic+, night, people, process, reasons, routines, run, sit, thousand, time, understand, week, yesterday
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  12. This might be a stupid question

    Started by Rylis, 16.09.2016 21:15
    burst, demonic, january, lemme, millz, paid, question, stupid, thankful, toggle, warlock
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  13. 6 month suspension

    Started by SCNickerson, 10.07.2016 16:13
    5th, account, accounts, appealed, banned/suspended, closed, continue, email, emailed, emails, entitled, january, legion, month, november, paid, product, purchase, reason, received, refund, refunds, requested, stated, stating, suspended, suspension, unsuspended
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  14. 1 HB Prob. and 1 ARelog Prob.

    Started by Umbrasanctus, 30.06.2016 09:26
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  15. Banned 4/12 8pm MT

    Started by envious22, 13.04.2016 04:23
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  16. Announcement regarding recent bans

    Started by raphus, 05.02.2016 09:11
    accounts, amount, announcement, auth, ban, banned, bans, banwaves, buddies, captured, caused, close, created, date, december, detection, event, fellow, flagged, handful, honorbuddy, jan, january, method, online, raised, reason, received, receiving, recent, recently, release, remind, reports, require, servers, software, suspected, threat, tripwire, [official]
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