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  • [Official] 1.234 Honorbuddy Keys updated

    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Forum' started by bossland, Oct 7, 2017.

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      Greetings Buddies,

      due to abuse of our system we needed to update the usage time of 1.234 Honorbuddy Keys.

      What happened?

      Prior to the Licence Key System, there was a System in place, that allowed you to login into Gatherbuddy and Honorbuddy with your Username & Password ( August 2009 - November 2012).

      From November 2012 all that Username & Password Logins where moved to the new Licence Key System.
      Which means that all these purchases where in usage already. Moving them to the new system, we had not set the "first usage" counter for them to 13th November 2012, the date of the transfer. No one had the idea that this was even needed.

      Now in the Year of 2017, some specialists, that had their key used in 2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012 or all that years, and then where not around when the system changed, thought it to be a good idea to use that old key now.

      The consequence was, that a purchase from 2009 was now tracked as first used in 2017, and the system gave it a false counter of 770 days remaining. This old Lifetime Keys are not to be used with Honorbuddy v3.

      The result!

      We updated the proper times on that 1.234 Keys. If you wounder why your newly purchased (3rd party market) or newly activated key is not working anymore. This might be the reason.

      Otherwise contact us at support@thebuddyforum.com
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