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    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by cky2k85, Jul 11, 2012.

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      Jun 11, 2012
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      1)Were you using DemonBuddy on the account at the same time the ban/suspension occurred? (Kicked offline due to being Banned)
      Yes for one
      No for the other

      2)If not, when was the last time?:
      The other account, probably 5 hours ago.

      3)If using a public profile please name it here:
      1 - SarkothFarmer
      2 - Carguy's DH

      4)What combat class were you using? if None Just put Default then the Classname:
      Custom Balph's

      5)What plugins are you using?:
      1/2 - Unstucker
      2 - Icool's
      1 - SarkothHelper

      6)How many hours per day did you bot for?:
      1 - 10-12 hours
      2 - 15-20 hours

      6.5)What honest percentage of time did you supervise your bot?

      7)How many auctions per day did you have?:
      1 - 5
      2 - 0

      7.5) Did you use the Real Money Auction House (RMAH)?
      1 - Yes
      2 - No

      8)Did you Use Any Other Bots, Hacks, Mods, or Exploits?

      9)Was your account involved in gold selling?

      10)What server region where you connected to (The Americas, Europe or Asia)?

      1 - 80.1m Gold Collected - 338 hours played
      2 - 30.3m Gold Collected - 117 hours played

      1 - Account leveled using ZK/Queen Running - Originally Ran A3 NM Core Runs for probably the first 50m
      2 - Account leveled using ZK - Ran Sark 100%

      Edit: Just hit the 3rd. They just hit the 4th and 5th now.

      Oh well! They both made some insane gold, time to get more cheap d3's!
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