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[3.3] SkillBlacklist Guide

Discussion in 'Exilebuddy Guides' started by pushedx, Jun 8, 2018.

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    SkillBlacklist Guide


    The SkillBlacklist allows users to mark skills that should not be used. Any code that uses skills should check the SkillBlacklist to make sure it doesn't use a skill the user does not want.

    The most common use for SkillBlacklist is to prevent the bot from using certain auras granted from items or from Vaal skillgems.

    Using the SkillBlacklist GUI is pretty straightforward. You can access this GUI from the Settings -> Content -> SkillBlacklist entry.

    1. When in game, click on the "Refresh Skills" button to load your character's skills.

    2. Click the "+ Id" or "+ Name" button next to any skill you wish the bot to not use.

    3. To remove blacklisted skills, click the "X" button next to that skill entry.

    NOTE 1: Upon starting Exilebuddy, your blacklisted skills will only have an Id attached to them. This is because the bot needs to be in-game to figure out which skill has which id. Simply press the "Refresh Blacklist" button after loading the bot and getting in game to be able to see your current blacklist.

    NOTE 2: Any time you change a skillgem's slot, you will need to:
    - Click "Refresh Blacklist" to find the now invalid skill id and remove it.
    - Click "Refresh Skills" and find the new skill to add it.

    NOTE 3: The SkillBlacklist cannot prevent code from using skills if that code does not use the SkillBlacklist API. Since this API is brand new, any community code that you use will need updates first, so please mention this thread to them if they have not updated yet.
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