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  • 6 month Ban - 13/05/15

    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by ralgex, May 13, 2015.

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      Dec 13, 2010
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      Well I've managed a few years without a ban so was bound to happen at some point...

      1)Were you using Honorbuddy, Gatherbuddy or both on the account? HB

      2)Which version (and Beta or Release)?: Release 2.5.13944.787

      3)If so, when was the last time?: 13-05-15, banned during raid.

      4)What profile were you using?: None. Enyo + GarrisonBoss

      5)What combat class were you using? if None Just put Default then the Classname: OracleII, TuanHA Paladin/DK, Insanity, Portal

      6)What plugins are you using?: None

      7)How many hours per day did you bot for?: 1 hour for GarrisonBoss few extra hours per week for raids.

      8)What honest percentage of time did you supervise your bot? 100%, always at PC for GarrisonBoss and using Enyo

      9)How many auctions per day did you have?: Very little, 5 or so per week.

      10)Did you Use Any Other Bots, Hacks, or Mods? No

      11)Was your account involved in gold selling? No

      12)EU or US realm? EU

      13)Is the banned account a Scroll of Resurrection or an actual paid account? Paid


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