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  • A Realm Reborm MSQ Quest Profile, Endwalker Updated

    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Profiles' started by woode323, Jan 4, 2022.

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      Apr 1, 2012
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      Hello fellow botheads, with Endwalkers release there have been an increase with users using the bot and I know some people don't know where to begin so I have decided to go over an old profile clean it up to help your journey into botting FFXIV.​

      What does/dosen't this Profile do?
      This profile will level and complete all the MSQ quests up until Heavensward without the need of any third party plugins or quest behaviours, the only interactions you will need to do are the Dungeons, Trials and Raids manually however you can use the "Combat Assist" mode so you only need to do the movement.

      This does not do your class quests however I will post a discord link below that has github links and other helpful links to things like combat routines, crafting or gathering etc. You can browse this while your character runs through the ARR MSQ.

      1. Download the profile and save it where ever you like, for example your RB Direcotory/Profiles.​
      2. Once you are in the game and the bot has loaded make sure Orderbot is selected in the dropdown and select load profile, navigate to where you saved the file and load it up.​
      3. Next we want to skip cutscenes, to do so click the "Bot Settings" button and tick the skipping on cutscenes. Note that this button settings changes on what bot selection you have selected on the dropdown.​
      4. Now just hit Start!​

      After or before starting the the profile I would highly reccomend looking at getting the "Magitek" combat routines as Kupo is very limited to what it can do.

      This goes to the original creators of this profile this is y2krazy, kagamihiiragi17 and Sodimm.


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      Apr 16, 2022
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      Thank you!

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