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  • A Significant Improvement on bot

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by Demondog70, Aug 3, 2014.

    1. Demondog70

      Demondog70 Active Member

      Feb 17, 2013
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      I believe this would be a significant improvement to bot if possible and I believe it is....

      Allow in the main setting of the bot base to:

      1) Switch between profiles - What you would do is create a center point for each profile so say the center point is Seven Stars then the bot has built in....
      a) A complete run script within Seven Stars that takes you to the portal room
      b) A complete run script from i) Stormwind to flight plan in Stormwind (this allows for Eastern Kingdom options)
      ii) Stormwind to Cata portals in eastern area of Stormwind (this allows for Cata scripts)
      c) A complete run script from Dalaran port spot to Flight plan (this allows for all LK scripts)
      d) a complete run script from Shat port spot to Flight plan (this allows for outlands scripts)
      2) Check boxes for area you want to go to such as Outlands - Hellfire - This tells the bot to use Seven Stars and Shat portal for instance

      Now what you want to be able to do for instance is say allow for multiple profiles to be linked so you could say I want to farm for 2 hours in LK - Borean Tundra doing cobalt then heath back to Seven Stars and then go to Outlands Hellfire to farm some Fel Iron for 3 hrs and then to MoP Kun Lai for 3 hrs to do some Ghost Iron.

      You could even if you want to make it more complex have options to open person bank and deposit in between and even option of switching what you are doing from say Mining to Herbin by withdrawing and arming herbing bags.

      I know this maybe a bit complex but the options it gives us would be almost endless if this thought process is extended a bit more than I am expressing. It would make things so random that it would be difficult to improbable to track.

      Imagine being able to say I want to DK to go farming for 5 hours with 2 being Cobalt then switching to fel iron for 3 hrs then banking and then switch to my Lock to go herbing for 6 hours with.....you get the picture.

      You could add so many different combos with something like this it would be much harder to detect. You could also do this with questing also where you could quest on one toon for 2 hrs then on another for 3 hrs. Think of how confusing that would be on Bliz side. It would look a lot more like a human doing it because lets be real we do get bored and this is what it would look like. The thing is we don't necessarily want to be there switching things out we would prefer if we could do it automatically.

      Anyways this is just a thought on how to me, take the bot to the next level however I do realise its a big change in direction so probably almost a waste of time saying it.
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    2. Liferose

      Liferose New Member

      Sep 1, 2010
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      This wasn't very easy to follow, and a lot of your concepts are mixed up. Everything on your 'list' has been completely doable with ProfessionBuddy profiles for a couple years now. ProfessionBuddy can handle all of the settings and scripted movement, and ARelog can handle all of the character specific farming or questing intervals.

      The more automated you want to get with professions is dependent on the amount of effort you put into your setup. There are a few projects who have fancy plugins that allow you to pick your routes and things like that, but it's all just handholding for things that should be taken into your own account.
    3. Macatho

      Macatho New Member

      Dec 3, 2011
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      Good answer :)

      But it would be nice to be able to change bot base in profiles without restarting honorbuddy using HBrelog/Arelog. I'm not sure you can even change bot base using a plugin, can you?

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