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  • [A] Westfall Mine and Herbs.

    Discussion in '1-75' started by archanngelchaps, Jun 18, 2014.

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      Dec 28, 2011
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      Very quick profile I made for Westfall since I wanted some briathorn and mageroyal. If it's shit tell me so I can take it down just thought I would throw it up since I haven't contributed before.
      Seems to run fine did 2 1/2 laps to make it look a bit random.
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Stopped gatherbuddy after gathering 72 nodes in 0h 20m 50s.
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Mageroyal: 8
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Bruiseweed: 8
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Copper Vein: 17
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Briarthorn: 8
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Peacebloom: 8
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Earthroot: 11
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Silverleaf: 12
      View attachment Westfall v1.0.xml

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