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AdenaBuddy Setup + FAQ

Discussion in 'Adenabuddy Guides' started by Crepto, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. Crepto

    Crepto Moderator Buddy Core Dev

    Jul 11, 2016
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    How to buy and setup AdenaBuddy:

    1. You need a license key. You can buy one here.

    2. You have to download the latest version from here and unzip it.

    3. In order to start the bot you need to download and install:

    Microsoft .NET Framework Version=v4.6.1
    Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 x86, VC++ 14.0

    4. Start the bot as administrator.

    5. Start the game.


    Can I use AdenaBuddy for leveling?
    - Yes. AdenaBuddy can be used for a one-click auto leveling from any level up to level 85 and all classes are supported. You can stop the leveling feature at any time and start playing manually, completeing quests, grinding and exploring and then you can start it again.

    What happens if I get disconnected while leveling?
    - If you get disconnected you need to restart the bot and the game and when you log back in you can continue leveling.

    Can I use AdenaBuddy for grinding?
    - Yes. AdenaBuddy has a fully configurable grinding setup, you can choose what spells and potions to use, what items to pick up, specific monsters to hunt. AdenaBuddy comes with built-in setups for every class. You can grind in a zone around you or set up points around a zone that you can patrol and farm in.

    Can I play without a bot from one client and log in with a bot on another one?
    -Yes. You can start a game client and log in your character that will be played without a bot and then start AdenaBuddy and log in your second toon and set it up to follow, buff, heal and assist your other character.

    Which regions are you currently supporting?
    -At this time the only region that is being supported by AdenaBuddy is North America.

    I'm a programmer, can I write extensions for AdenaBuddy ?
    -At this time - no. This option will be added in the near future, but at the moment you can only use the built-in features of AdenaBuddy .
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