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Another great crash

Discussion in 'Exilebuddy Support' started by tsheltonx, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. tsheltonx

    tsheltonx Member

    Aug 13, 2016
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    Be sure not to load your bot in a map, it's too much of a sluggish POS to not kick you to login

    GridExplorer] TileSeenRadius is being set to 4.[GridExplorer] Now segmenting the current area.[GridExplorer] Area segmentation complete 00:00:01.2693926.[Tick] Exception #1 during execution:System.Exception: Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed, at addr: 00000000, Size: 1112 at GreyMagic.ExternalProcessMemory.ReadByteBuffer(IntPtr addr, Void* buffer, Int32 count) at GreyMagic.MemoryBase.ReadBytes(IntPtr addr, Int32 count) at Loki.Game.LokiPoe.LocalData.‫‬‮‭‬‫‪‮‫‪‭‬‮.‭‮‬‬‪‫‬‫‭‮‪‮() at Loki.Game.Utilities.PerCachedValue`1.get_Value() at Loki.Game.LokiPoe.LocalData.get_Native() at Loki.Game.LokiPoe.LocalData.‫‬‮‭‬‫‪‮‫‪‭‬‮.‫‫‫‫‬‮‭‭‭‮() at Loki.Game.Utilities.PerCachedValue`1.get_Value() at Loki.Game.LokiPoe.LocalData.get_MyPosition() at Loki.Bot.GridExplorer.Tick() at Default.EXtensions.Global.ComplexExplorer.Tick() in C:\Users\Selminus\Documents\EB25293327\3rdParty\_CONFIGS_\Default\Default\Content-199298578\EXtensions\Global\ComplexExplorer.cs:line 303 at Default.EXtensions.Global.CombatAreaCache.OnTick() in C:\Users\Selminus\Documents\EB25293327\3rdParty\_CONFIGS_\Default\Default\Content-199298578\EXtensions\Global\CombatAreaCache.cs:line 127 at Default.EXtensions.Global.CombatAreaCache.Tick() in C:\Users\Selminus\Documents\EB25293327\3rdParty\_CONFIGS_\Default\Default\Content-199298578\EXtensions\Global\CombatAreaCache.cs:line 122 at Default.MapBot.MapBot.Tick() in C:\Users\Selminus\Documents\EB25293327\3rdParty\_CONFIGS_\Default\Default\Content-199298578\MapBot\MapBot.cs:line 93 at Loki.Bot.BotManager.‪‬‪‮‭‮‬‫‮‮‬‬‫‮(IBot )
  2. pushedx

    pushedx Moderator Moderator Buddy Core Dev

    Sep 24, 2013
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    That's not an issue. You were disconnected as the bot was running, so LocalData memory was invalid. Please post the full log and maybe you can figure out what happened when it tried to log back in, usually lost internet is the reason.

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