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  • [AutoAngler] Spinefish Farming (Desecrated Oil | Darkwater Potion)

    Discussion in 'FishingBuddy' started by Ntsmarkv, Jan 19, 2013.

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      First profile, YAY! I mainly PVP, these spinefish are viable, and essential to any/all PVP related battles. They convert into Darkwater Potion which gives you +70% speed and +200% swim. On a 1 min CD. As an Enh Shaman I can quickly cross the water (Twin Peaks) /w WW, grab flag, pop potion swim to the buff up house (Beserk), pop spirit wolf, run more, drop flag for FC (if no druid runner). Goes so quick don't know what hit em. Other viable uses too.

      Things Needed; AutoAngler2.0 | This profile

      Area - Lake of Stars (Dread Waste - Pandaria)
      Spawn Rate of pools - Very HIGH (You can easily have another fidhing bot run next to you, and still make out.) Lol I said make out.. Meaning you both succeed in getting fish without sacrifice
      Traffic - Medium due to Rare Elite & Daily
      Mobs - Few Crocs (2-4) and 1 Rare Elite

      Has a Mailbox, no vendor yet.

      Info; 7 Stacks/hr (12 stacks in 1.5hrs), 9 sealed crates (8 white, 8ghost, 8black trillium ores, 7 agility elixirs, 10 Windwool Cloth)

      **I'll add a vendor but don't know the tag, is it like the <Hotspot = xyz> <Mailbox = xyz> <Vendor = xyz> ?

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