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  • AutoFollow Addition - Party Size and GRift Wait Timer

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by TwoCigars, Aug 31, 2016.

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      May 4, 2014
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      Is it possible to have a new feature added to Trinity/Autofollow that relate to group size and starting GRifts?

      In Autofollow it could be a checkbox for manually determining Group Size. You would input the number of bots that are part of your group.
      • You can manually perform the modifications to the RiftCoroutine I list below, but if you want to leave one character in town to do upgrades, the other bots will get stuck at the rift portal waiting for the 4th bot. Being able to modify it on the fly would be amazing.
      • As soon as the quantity of bots is stacked at the portal, attempt to create GRift regardless of timer.

      Wait Timer for joining GRifts would also be an important change. A simple check with an input box in AutoFollow would be great
      • When Group Size is set, always wait for the number of group members to stack at the portal
      • UNLESS the timer expires, in which case it will attempt to join a GRift anyways
      • This would be useful if a bot has a crash happening and is in the server but non-responsive
      • If someone is using their town run as a chance to do some crafting and paused the bot, it would allow the rest of the party to keep going without them.

      There is already code in the RiftCoroutine that can be manually modified as posted in the AutoFollow thread. Would just be nice to have access to the settings without having to always modify the file manually.

      Since it might confuse players to have it in Trinity, it would make more sense to have it in AutoFollow.

      Here is the information for the manual changes to anyone who wants to look into this:

      There is an issue with GRifting multiple bots after the GRift is completed where the leader doesn't let the followers complete their town run before opening a new GRift. It results in large numbers of lost legendaries!
      Here is what the bot normally does at the end of a GRift:
      1. Kill the Rift Guardian
      2. Speak to Urshi and upgrade you gems
      3. Run around the area (Probably to clear any lingering enemies or search for loot)
      4. Comes back to the RG item drops and picks them up
      5. Leader teleports to town, followers idle in the GRift
      6. Leader will run repair routine if needed
      7. After repair, Leader will speak to Orek, forcing all follower bots into town
      8. Leader gets a pretty big lead getting all of his town run duties completed
      9. Followers get to town, start town run duties
      10. Leader completes all town run duties and heads to portal to start a new GRift
      11. If your followers had full backpacks, had items to break down AND stash or had to gamble at Kadala, they are not done yet
      12. Leader opens GRift
      13. Followers auto-join GRift with many items and bloodshards left over but they start GRifting anyways

      You will notice after 5-10 GRifts that your followers are starting to leave many items laying around in the GRift without trying to pick them up. This is due to their full backpacks.

      Often times you will notice that they will leave bloodshards too because the previous GRift, the leader was too fast and they didn't get to gamble. Once you get into the mid 70 GRifts, this will happen a lot more since you get more shards per GRift.

      I stopped leader so that I had a chance to pickup 2 set items and some legendaries at the end of a GRift. Just so happened that one of the set items was an Ancient Shenlong fist that was an upgrade for me.

      The following changes will fix this issue for you.

      Here is where you will find the RiftCoroutine.cs
      • Plugins > Trinity > Components > Adventurer > Coroutines > RiftCoroutines > RiftCoroutine.cs

      Change line 525 - 530 from this...
                  _riftStartTime = DateTime.UtcNow;
                  const int waittime = [B][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=3]45[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B];
                  const int partysize = [B][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000]3[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]; // ToDo: Add slider for party size under beta playground checkbox
                  if ([B][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000]TrinityPluginSettings.Settings.Advanced.BetaPlayground[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B])
      ...to this...
                  _riftStartTime = DateTime.UtcNow;
                  const int waittime = [COLOR=#0000ff][SIZE=3][B]20[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR];
                  const int partysize = [COLOR=#0000ff][SIZE=3][B]4[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]; // ToDo: Add slider for party size under beta playground checkbox
                  if ([COLOR=#0000ff][SIZE=3][B]true[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR])
      The 45 changes to a 20 because it changes the wait time. I don't want it waiting 45 seconds.
      • Set this timer to whatever you want.

      The 3 changes to a 4 because it represents the number of party members that I have.
      • I have 4 bots, so I set it to 4. This includes your leader. 1 Leader + 3 followers = 4 bots.
      • If you have 3 bots, set it to 3.
      • If you have 2 bots, set it to 2.

      The TrinityPluginSettings.Settings.Advanced.BetaPlayground changes to true because we want this feature ACTIVATED all the time.
      • Since Phelon's Beta Playground was removed, the check box to turn this feature on is gone. This is how you make it work again.

      Result: The Leader will complete his town run and wait at the GRift portal until all of your bots stack at the portal!

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