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  • Banned on Dec. 13th, 2016

    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by zoneofenders, Dec 14, 2016.

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      Jan 22, 2016
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      1) Were you using DemonBuddy on the account at the same time the ban/suspension occurred? (Kicked offline due to being Banned)

      2) If not, when was the last time?:
      N / A

      3) If using a public profile please name it here:
      Nephalem Rift

      4) How did you level your characters? Please give some details
      Mostly with bot while supervising, get a socketed weapon and then level another class

      5) What combat class were you using? if None Just put Default then the Classname:
      Default / Wizard

      6) What plugins are you using?:
      Trinity 2.55.682 BETA / QuestTools with the newest demonbuddy update

      7) How many hours per day did you bot for?:
      ~16 hours for this last session

      7.5) What honest percentage of time did you supervise your bot?

      8) How many auctions per day did you have?:
      N / A

      8.5) Did you use the Real Money Auction House (RMAH)?
      N / A

      9) Did you Use Any Other Bots, Hacks, Mods, or Exploits?
      N / A

      10) Was your account involved in gold selling?
      N / A

      11) What server region where you connected to (The Americas, Europe or Asia)?
      The Americas

      My first and my last post here most likely...
      I never thought I'd be banned, perhaps I really pushed my luck with my most recent session.
      Was using a Vyr / Tal Wizard running Nephalem Rifts at T11
      Season 8, my paragon is only around 1100
      I believe I was on leaderboard for my main seasonal DH / MK at like greater rift level 55 or something
      My intention were never about going on leaderboards, but to level up my gems in greater rifts solo
      I don't bot everyday, but I should have turned it off earlier but something happened and I left my bot running longer than expected
      I'm not going to try my luck and submit a ticket hoping I can get unbanned, but I really wish it is true that my account ban can be lifted after 2 years (not sure if this is possible as I was just trying desperately to look at forums)
      I believe the ban is really permanent, like more than 50% of people were saying.
      I only learned about Demonbuddy earlier this year but I spent hours after hours when the game first came out back in 2012.
      I had over 90% of regular achievements completed, all of them unlocked by hand manually.
      But of course I couldn't keep up with the gaming hours when life becomes more involved.
      I thank Demonbuddy for allowing me to wake up in mornings and found a stash full of gears, even though not everything is ancient (I don't bot enough to find only ancients useful).
      I ended up spending more time organizing my stash than playing the actual game without botting LOL
      I guess if I really wanted, I can purchase new licenses and start botting again, but my original licenses were for the collector's edition of the game and some of the feat of strength cannot be acquired anymore.
      Wished my life with Diablo 3 could have gone further with the new Necro DLC coming out

      Finally, it's funny that today's also my Mom's birthday and she always hoped I'd quit gaming :p (I don't believe she reported on me LOL)
      Well... Happy Birthday Mom! LOL

      Anyhow, good luck everyone, I hope none of you that are reading this are unlucky enough or stupid enough to be caught like me :p
      It'll really be a Christmas wish come true if I can have my ban lifted on Dec. 13th, 2018 LOL
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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