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    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by Mathikk, Jun 1, 2016.

    1. Mathikk

      Mathikk New Member

      Oct 14, 2012
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      Brouggeala 19:43:33
      Greetings! Game Master Brouggeala here, how are you doing today?
      you 19:41:38
      you 19:41:52
      i just have one question
      Brouggeala 19:44:09
      you 19:42:10
      i got banned for cheating on overwatch can i rebuy the game and not get banned if i don't cheat ever again?
      you 19:42:22
      or will i get banned again regardless
      Brouggeala 19:45:31
      You wont be able to play overwatch on this account anymore, you will have to use another account and buy it on that one.
      Brouggeala 19:45:38
      you 19:43:42
      but if i make a new account i wont get banned as long as i dont cheat yes?
      you 19:44:07
      i don't plan on cheating again but i don't wanna get banned because of my ip or soemthing after i pay another 60 dollars
      Brouggeala 19:46:51
      We only ban accounts, if youd like to continue playing you can do so, just on another account and game key
      you 19:45:00
      ok thank you very much for your time
      Brouggeala 19:47:08
      So yes, you can play, but on a different account :)
      Brouggeala 19:47:16
      No problem! While you got me here, is there anything else I can help you out with today?

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