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  • banned today 11-11

    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by Lytylisius, Nov 11, 2016.

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      Sep 12, 2012
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      1) Were you using DemonBuddy on the account at the same time the ban/suspension occurred? (Kicked offline due to being Banned)
      Yes, overnight.

      2) If not, when was the last time?:

      3) If using a public profile please name it here:

      4) How did you level your characters? Please give some details

      5) What combat class were you using? if None Just put Default then the Classname:
      LoN crusader

      6) What plugins are you using?:
      Trinity 24/7

      7) How many hours per day did you bot for?:
      24/7 online i think 21/7 bot

      7.5) What honest percentage of time did you supervise your bot?
      Never when it ran it ran.

      8) How many auctions per day did you have?:

      8.5) Did you use the Real Money Auction House (RMAH)?

      9) Did you Use Any Other Bots, Hacks, Mods, or Exploits?

      10) Was your account involved in gold selling?

      11) What server region where you connected to (The Americas, Europe or Asia)?

      Kinda thinking that mid season patch 3 days ago had something to do with this.. seems like a security update if nothing else
      Ive seen no tripwire from DB about it. which is weird.
      I hope most of you still got your accounts but fear the worst.
      we shall see in this section today wether this is a "wave" or just me puhsing to high on leadersbords and botting 24/7

      GL all en remember blizzard is always watching!
      "Undetected" does not exist

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