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  • [Barbarian] IK HoTA for Season 16. Much better than current routine in Trinity.

    Discussion in 'Combat Routines' started by Elektrozoider, May 10, 2019.

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      This routine comes too late, very near the end of the season. This is because I never interested in creating a routine... until 2 days ago. Note that you can benefit from this routine only for two days until the season ends at May 12. But you can still use it after the season ends, of course.

      The equipment for reference:


      Noticing that I'm at Paragon lvl 1370, the current IK HoTA routine provided in Trinity has many flaws that limits my ability to survive up to GR lvl 80. With my improved profile, now I can do GR 90 with ease, and GR 95 with some difficulties but it can be done. Of course the better equipment, the greater GR lvl you could do.

      The current IK HoTA routine provided in Trinity has many problems:

      - It does not keep permanent buff of Furious Charge. And this is the main reason why the default routine will make you die A LOT. And it ignores to recast Furious Charge if you are in the same spot using HoTA for Elites or for the rift boss. This is another issue that will make you die a lot more.

      - It does unnecessary recasts for all the other spells. And regarding about the recast of Call of The Ancients, It recast it at any time, and this is another big problem because if you die some seconds after a recast, when you revive you don't have any decent damage and you can't recast it until many time has past, and you probably died two or three times more for this unnecessary recast.

      My modified routine takes the original routine as a starting template (so a big part of the credits goes to the original authors) and fixes those problems. I modified it to try recast Furious Charge each 7 seconds to keep alive the damage reduction buff, and it only casts Call of The Ancients if the spell is not active. I did other minor improvements to recast the other spells only when necessary, while keeping their buffs permanently.

      Your ability to survive and damage balance will increase a lot using this modified/improved routine. Trust me. As I said, just improving these two imperfections I grow up from GR lvl 80 dying a lot, to lvl 90 practically without dying, and being able to do lvl 95 with problems... dying if problematic elite affixes are found, but I can do now lvl 95 while using the default reoutine I was not able to do lvl 80 without dying a lot, so... you should expect a similar improvement equivalent to your current max doable GR level.

      Download the modified routine in the attached file...

      Thanks for read.

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