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  • Beta version stands still. Screenshot inside.

    Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Support' started by Dan123The123Man, May 12, 2019.

    1. Dan123The123Man

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      Feb 29, 2016
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      I was using the beta 1.2.851.0 beta version and when I tried running my character away while not paused he would just run back to this same location.


      EDIT: after unpausing I got:

      RActorId=-2082209713 (Frozen Pulse, Immune: False)
      17:29:31.248 [INF] Experience inactivity after 403s. Sending abort.
      17:29:31.248 [WRN] XP Inactivity Timer Tripped
      17:29:46.555 [INF] Control Request: GameLeft
      17:29:46.656 [INF] Control Request: NewDifficultyLevel
      17:29:46.724 [WRN] [Clear] Resetting ActorCache
      17:29:46.725 [INF] Waiting 13.4 seconds before next game...

      Also in the settings I have it set so it does NOT avoid ANYTHING.

      so it left game and now trying to remake new game. I am also noticing some lag its better then the current live version I think (the beta version is less laggy) but it is still there. I reduced my TPS down to 7 in settings and dumbed down graphics real low... Using a gtx 1060 6gb card with threadripper 1950x and 64gb ram so not really sure if the lags on my end or not, 1000mbps internet.

      I know on the live (non beta) version there are some issues with the stash tab... In settings I have it so thati t ignores the first and second bags because my third bag is empty but when it goes to the stash it acts like its completely full, it tries three times with "stash is full" red text then goes to open a new greater rift. Should I have this set so that it "ignores" all the stash tabs? I was worried having it set to "Ignore" them would mean the bot would move crap around and i didnt want that. I emptied an entire tab for it but its not recognizing it as being empty.

      Another screenshot, same thing happened in another grift where bot just stood there casting condemn over and over...



      EDIT Second Time:

      So I ended up swapping back from beta version to the live version and playing with only 5 FPS... Long story short I gave up, wishing I had kept my money instead because judging by the posts on the forum I may not get a reply for days and well guess what, that's days I paid for a program that's not even running optimal (from the looks of it lags been happenin for days according to others)... Knew I should have just went to ROS-BOT.
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    2. Tony

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      upload the full log file plz

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