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    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tony, Jan 15, 2010.

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    1. Tony

      Tony "The Bee" Staff Member Moderator

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Forbidden Forum Topics
      • Game exploits, hacks, and cr4cks
      • Discussion of emulated (e.g., "private") servers, stolen software, drugs or any other real-life illegal acts
        (Bossland GmbH's "private server" position is here: Buddy bots on Private Servers)
      • Advertising: WTT/WTS/WTB, Sales of goods or services, Polls / Survey threads.
      • "Where can I find the cheapest XXX?".
        (Solicitation to advertise are the same as advertising. Advertising is against the forum rules.)
      • Discussions regarding gold buying or selling
        (Once again, advertising, or solicitations to advertise are against the forum rules.)
      • Discussions about V-P-N or pr0xies
        (These are a verboten topics—and can be a perma-bannable offense—on BosslandGmbH forums. Go elsewhere to discuss.)
      • Posting your keys to Bossland GmbH products [size=-2](even if you believe you'll no longer use them)

      • (Keys posted to the Bossland GmbH forums will be permanently disabled, and you will not be issued new ones.)
      • Recruitment threads—"looking for arena partners", "toons to fill out a guild/raid", etc.
      • Discussions involving a 64-bit Honorbuddy
        (Bossland GmbH's position on this is available here (in the FAQs): Launching a 32-bit WoWclient)
      • Discussions of non-Bossland GmbH products.
        (Discussions of third-party products should be discussed in third-party forums. Bossland GmbH forums are exclusively for the discussion of Bossland GmbH products.)
      • Scams, +rep threads, Job offers, requesting donations, ALL CAPS, or anything that the mods feel is spam-like.

      Other Things Not to Post
      • Offensive/Rude Language
      • Topics with WTF/WTH in the thread title will be deleted
      • Content that is NSFW, porn links, etc.
      • Content that was sent to you in confidence, such as the PM system
        (This includes ALL material or communiques sent by the Buddy staff in PMs, Discord, Skype, or other (semi-)private venues.)
      • The "No advertising" rule includes signatures
      • Donation links in posts are NOT allowed.
        (This includes signatures.)
      • Direct links to external files (these paths could be changed at any time without your knowledge).
      • No .EXEs, .DLLs, or Zip files containing such. (this is an automatic perma-ban offense)
      • URIs to third-party websites.
      • Links to URI shortening service (bit.ly, etc). The final destination of these URLs is unknown to the user, and could potentially cause a security issue.
      • Unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted work.
        This is theft—whether done with good intentions, or ill will, BosslandGmbH will not allow its forums to be party to such actions. (this is an automatic perma-ban offense)
      • Character / Realm Names, IP addresses or any personal information (Your own, or others?)
      • No "personal details" (e.g., Skype IDs, email addresses, etc.)
      • Reporting or threatening to report botters. (this is an automatic perma-ban offense)
      • No posting stupid annoying spammy type sites. Such as websites with lock loops
      • Trolling or Seditious post
        [size=-1]E.g., claiming Arenas are 'supported', when Bossland GmbH clearly states they are not (Ref: Honorbuddy and Arenas)
      • No bumping posts.
      • Only Bossland GmbH staff may create "[Official]" threads.
      • No topics titled "Banwave" when there is not a banwave. Admins and Mods will make posts addressing Banwaves.
      • No posts mentioning or discussing pending litigation.
        This information will come directly from Bossland GmbH when appropriate.
      • No topics titled "Bossland take a look here","Hawker i have a big problem" etc.
      • No giving away accounts (Buddy products, or WoW) - Sorry but there are too many scammers to allow this. If you want to donate your account for the Gb/Hb team to use for testing contact support@thebuddyforum.com
      • Posting Spam or Youtube Spam will end in a Permanent Ban.
      and last but not least...
      • Do not post an issue without your log as attachment
        such posts will be deleted and not answered.

      Special Considerations for Community Developers
      • The "Support thread" for a Buddy Store product is expected to link back to the Buddy Store product.
      • You may not advertise your product in any thread outside the product's Support thread.
      • "No advertising" your product includes forum signatures, also.

      Etiquette Guidelines
      • Use the search function to identify common solutions to your question before making a new topic.
      • Keep signatures & avatars to a moderate size and taste.
      • Do not flame or troll in other member's topics.
      • Make sure you are posting your thread in the correct forum. (Support Question ? Support forum)
      • Avoid cross-posting the same topic in multiple forums.
      • Do not target your posts for specific employees.

      Additional Information
      • Anything not covered by these rules is under the discretion of the Mods/Admins.
      • Mute and ban time is up to the sole discretion of the mod/admin acting upon the account.
      • To report posts/users that do not follow the rules—click the "Report Post" button.
        (The "Report Post" button is the "triangle with a '!' in it" at the bottom left of the post.)
      • Comments/suggestions/complaints regarding forum moderation should be sent to:
        support@thebuddyforum.com with [MOD] in the subject line.​
      • We strive VERY hard to apply rules in an even-handed fashion...
        ...such that no Community member has an unfair advantage over others.
      • The rules have legal ramifications you may not understand,
        because your country does not impose the legal exposure.
        Please follow the rules, whether you understand 'why' or not.
      • HelpDesk: Why are my forum threads/posts disappearing?
      • What will get my BosslandGmbH forum account banned?
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    2. bambam922

      bambam922 Well-Known Member Moderator

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Hey there developers/community.
      Lately there have been some grey areas in our rules, so I am going to take some time to clarify things.

      As you know from Tony's rules update, we ARE NOT allowing direct selling of routines/plugins.
      Also, I'd like to reiterate that external links are not allowed.
      We have been going over the whole "going around it thing" as well.

      You are not allowed to say "hey google XXXXX for XXXXXX"
      Links from URL shortening services are also not allowed.
      If you need to advertise something, you need to do it elsewhere.

      These rules will apply for staff/customer alike.

      I will be spending the next few hours combing over every plugin and combat routine, looking for external links or "google this" stuff.
      When I find something like this within a plugin or routine, the thread will be moderated until you update your project.
      If I see "google this" in your signature, I will edit your signature.
      If I see any URL shortening, I will remove it also.
      Any advertising in logs will also result in a moderated post.

      Paypal donation links are allowed.

      Thanks for understanding.
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