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Bot Movements - Windripper Build

Discussion in 'Exilebuddy Support' started by Casutherland42, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Casutherland42

    Casutherland42 Member

    Sep 14, 2014
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    Hey guys, i noticed that my bot is moving very jerky and is not fluid. Definitely looks like a bot. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have changed it to predictive movements, so I was hoping that would be the fix. Also, I am playing the windripper build and its having some trouble..I am fully geared, does anyone have any suggestions? I am getting pwned.

    Any build recommendations?
  2. pushedx

    pushedx Moderator Moderator Buddy Core Dev

    Sep 24, 2013
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    Nothing changed in regards to that in Exilebuddy. 3.3.1 had a lot of bug fixes and supposed DX9 performance updates, so you might be seeing an effect of that or another recent Windows update or gfx driver update affect.

    Check your game client settings to make sure it's still set to Predictive as sometimes settings get lost after updates.

    Likewise, check your PlayerMoverManager settings to make sure everything still looks good (maybe try a clean install).

    For me personally, my client performance without testing the bot during the update was noticeably worse after the update, so it wouldn't surprise me if some changes went in that don't do what was intended. Inside Incursion I had major performance issues for the first time when using EB, but there's two explanations for that:
    1. Issue with the 3.3.1 update itself
    2. Changes to Incursion to include more monsters in client range, which EB has hard time handling a bunch of objects at once.

    ExVault tested and did not notice any changes, so it might be system related due to an update though.

    For #2, I updated ObjectExplorer to display how many objects in each category were listed. When my performance was at its worse, the client had over 100 monsters in memory, and around 150 really made it so bad to the point where my fps was around 4. Before 3.3.1, I never had such an issue in all my testing.

    High mob density and the API needing to process all those objects and the complex data associated with them to figure out what to do, is part of the long term performance issue we have with being an external bot that reads memory. There's no short term solution for it, so that's why some of the performance changes were in the update, since they were things that could help make a little improvement without causing any unintended side effects (for example code was double copying stats, not caching per-frame, order of operations could be optimized, simple stuff like that)
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  3. naut

    naut Community Developer

    Feb 9, 2012
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    Settings - Movement - Movement Range - Default is 13, change it to 25.

    That will fix your problem.
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