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[Bot] Templar (a profile-free grind bot)

Discussion in 'Botbases' started by AknA, Aug 12, 2017 at 8:46 AM.

  1. AknA

    AknA Well-Known Member Buddy Store Developer

    Feb 11, 2012
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Templar?
    • Templar is a grinding botbase that does not use profiles. You take your
      character wherever you want to farm and it does the rest.

    Basic Use (Starting the bot fresh out of the box):

    • When starting the bot, your initial location on the ground will be recorded if you don't disable that in the GUI.
    • You are going to scan your area for targets to kill, and will continue to scan for new targets all the time.
    • Once you have allocated a target, it will move towards it and kill.
    • When you can no longer find any more targets that aren't on the blacklist, you will move back to the start location (where you
      pressed Start) and wait for respawns.
    • If you run out of bag space (by default 2 available slots or less) or your durability is too low (by default 25%) you will go into vendor state.
    • When in vendor state, if you have a vendor mount it will mount up and repair and sell the types you have selected
      • If you don't have a vendor mount, it will instead move to the closest repair vendor from where you are.
    What does Templar Currently Support?

    • If a mobs health haven't changed 30 seconds after the we start to move towards it (we can't reach the mob for some reason),
      that mob is blacklisted for the rest of the session.
    • Pulling is based on mobs targeting us or pet rather than if we are in combat, to speed up if we get the stuck in combat bug.
    • If we get stuck in combat (we're not auto attacking anything, we're not casting or channeling anything for 45 seconds),
      botbase will force itself to continue.
    • Multi pull
    • Whitelist / Blacklist mobs (only attack Whitelisted option)
    • Max distance to farm from start location.
    • Skinning
    • Mail support (remember that you have to set a recipient in the GUI if you activate this).
    • Vendor support (including vendor mount).
    • Protected items support (anything you put on the protected items list in the GUI will never be mailed or sold, no matter if they exist in HonorBuddys xml files).
    • Items in HonorBuddys 'Protected Items.xml' will never be sold.
    • Items in HonorBuddys 'Protected Items.xml' will never be mailed except if they exist in 'ForceMail.xml'
    • Disenchanting support.

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  2. AknA

    AknA Well-Known Member Buddy Store Developer

    Feb 11, 2012
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    Please note that I don't have much time to code these days and please read my signature.

    I hope this code works with current HB ver, please let me know if it doesn't.

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