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  • Botting on Previously banned account?

    Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by z3rocool, Jun 14, 2017.

    1. z3rocool

      z3rocool Member Legendary

      Sep 16, 2016
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      Hey everyone, I was banned back in the massive banwave in Oct or Nov of last year and got a 6 month ban and accounts now unbanned, I was wondering if they really monitor your previously banned accounts or the risk is basically just the same as a non previously banned account ?

      Either way I'm savage af and Im going to bot on it anyway, but just wanted to hear peoples input that has had the same experience as myself and started botting on their account after an unban.
    2. socrates3

      socrates3 Member Legendary

      Oct 25, 2016
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      Were you a RMT / Gold Seller ?

      Or were u doing it only to benefit you?

      I ask because for the first, they are manually monitoring you; And for the second, they are only using Warden.

      I ofc don't work for blizzard and can't speak to how they do things. That's just been my general experience and consistent from my readings of these forums.
    3. Catmeat

      Catmeat Guest

      I've been back on a 6 month banned account for well over a year now without getting banned again. So who knows?

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