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    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Forum' started by Haksch, Aug 13, 2017.

    1. Haksch

      Haksch New Member

      Oct 27, 2016
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      Hey there,

      with my current pc setup I am only able to run two Legion bots at a time. Tried some optimizations, but the PC is simply too old.

      What sort of setup would I need to run at least 10 - 15 bots on the same pc?

    2. p4mdude

      p4mdude Member

      Oct 6, 2015
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      What we did:

      -Obtain a used HP Proliant DL380 G6 (2x Xeon E5540 | 48GB RAM) or something alike - any brand is fine.
      -Get any kind of graphics card. We used a GT 710 2GB we had lying around (~EUR 35 from Amazon, new).

      Benefits in comparison to a regular tower PC:

      -Multiple of these fit into a regular 42U 19" server cabinet (total of 18 machines with decent ventilation, patch panel as well as some additional hardware)
      -relatively cheap as obtained used & refurbished
      -easy exchange of HW in case of fault or defect.

      Software we used in addition to HB:

      -HBRelog/aRelog or whichever relogger you like best
      -DirectX Rendering disabler (pick whichever one suits you best). Imho the only reason why the whole project worked with the GT 710.
      -While optional, we found this to come in handy: RAM Cleaner - again whichever you prefer. Just make sure the tool is capable of running headlessly.
      -BuddyMon (will be outdated/down as of now). But be sure to set up some monitoring interface.
      -Remote desktop of some kind (MS RD/VNC/Teamviewer/etc.)

      We ended up running ~60 bots on this setup with no problem (per DL380 that is). Still I'd advise to run 40 per machine, for some reason we had significantly less WoW crashes & especially less problems with the relogger running that amount.

      Important to mention is that we did not have to pay any electricity costs.

      But coming back to your original question:

      -Depending on your location & the money you plan to spend: I'd get a used PC, something like an AMD FX 6-core, 16 gigs of RAM, any type of graphics card.
      -Use the software setup described above.

      Kind regards,

    3. Aion

      Aion Well-Known Member Buddy Store Developer

      Jan 18, 2011
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      Use the forum search, we have this thread rolling each 1-2 months here. There was several quite productive threads on this objective with tons of good examples for botting.

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