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  • Broken function: ShouldWaitForConventionofElements()

    Discussion in 'Trinity' started by Elektrozoider, May 13, 2019.

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      Jun 4, 2015
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      From the version v1.1.3166.485 of DemonBuddy and probably before, up to v1.2.555, the function Trinity.Routines.RoutineBase.ShouldWaitForConventionofElements is broken. It always returns false regardless of the time you had specified in the function parameters.

      This bug makes every LoN routine in Trinity almost useless to be used for higher GR lvls on which you need to care to wait 'X' element to finally throw all your damage to the target enemy... otherwise you don't do damage and the time to complete a GR increase.

      In the CrusaderBombardment.cs routine file for example, the bot NEVER waits for the physical element. It throws the Bombardment spell at any time, regardless of what option the user has chosen in the plugin settings about waiting for the Convention of Elements or not.

      In the specified crusader routine, this will return always false:
      ShouldWaitForConventionofElements(Skills.Crusader.Bombardment, Element.Physical, 1500, 1000)
      I ensured that it is not a problem of that routine. It is a problem in the implementation of ShouldWaitForConventionofElements function, because at every "pulse" or every call to GetOffensivePower function it returns false, regardless of the spell and time you had specified in the function parameters, as I already explained.

      Please, if you can answer to this report to communicate me an estimation time to solve the bug...
      Thanks for read.
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