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ChaosRecipe settings description

Discussion in 'Exilebuddy Guides' started by ExVault, Jan 15, 2018.

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    ChaosRecipe is a plugin that gathers and sells full sets of rare items.

    Stash tab - a tab in your stash which will be used for storing recipe items.

    Min iLvl - minimum level for item to be processed by the plugin. Default value is 60, which is a minimum required level to get Chaos orbs for a complete rare set. You can change this to 1 while leveling if you want to do the Chance recipe. Or 75 if you want to get only Regal orbs (for some reason).

    Update stash data every Start - enable this option if you want to manually put/take something from the chaos recipe stash tab. Otherwise this should be disabled.

    Stash tab item limits - how many of certain item type plugin must keep in a stash tab. Default values take approximately 1/2 of normal stash tab.

    Frequently asked questions
    - What should I change in my pickup filter for plugin to function properly?
    Nothing. Plugin is not dependent on any pickup filter.

    - I want to pick up rares only for chaos recipe, but my bot picks up everything.
    Remove rare items from pickup filter.

    - I want plugin to ignore certain rare items.
    Use "Exclude From ChaosRecipe Plugin" category in item filter. If you do not have it: Right click -> Add category. On the right side select Category: ExcludeFromChaosRecipe

    - I want to use more than one stash tab for chaos recipe.
    Not supported. Generally, you do not need that because main slowdown factor for chaos recipe is lack of rings and amulets, not stash space.

    - Sometimes I get Regal orbs instead of Chaos.
    You are farming too high-tier maps. Chaos recipe requires at least one item in 60-74 level range. Read Item Level for more information. You must adjust map settings (priorities) so bot will visit low tier maps from time to time.
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