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    Discussion in 'Hearthbuddy Guides' started by krazee, May 22, 2015.

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      Aug 17, 2010
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      hey there guys and girls, here is a paladin deck i put together a little while ago, and i seem to have been doing alright with it so i thought i would share, last night i left it and went 26-9 74.29% which are some figures i can live with. below are the cards needed.

      Blessing of Might x2
      hand of protection
      noble sacrifice
      argent protector x2
      bloodfen raptor
      bluegill warrior
      faerie dragon
      sword of justice
      divine favor
      acolyte of pain x2
      ironforge rifleman
      magma rager
      mind control tech
      scarlet crusader
      thrallmar farseer x2
      truesilver champion x2
      hammer of wrath x2
      ogre magi
      frostwolf warlord
      stranglethorn tiger
      lord of the arena
      sea giant

      so feel free to use this deck and let me know how it goes, i should probably mention i got these results with a rank 20 farm.

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