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    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Profiles' started by HB9508D64, Aug 31, 2015.

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      EDIT - Somehow I missed the thread stickied above on this very issue. Derp

      I've used buddy products for years but I'm new to rebornbuddy. Im sitting here manually mashing the same 6 key sequence to get high quality undyed felt cloth rather than letting quick synth do it and end up with a pile of normal quality ones. Does the bot currently have the capability of somehow recording the desired crafting sequence (usually around a half dozen keystrokes depending on whats being made) and acting as an improved stand-in for the quick synth feature in game?

      Sorry if that didn't make any sense. Hopefully somebody gets what I'm wondering. The couple crafting profiles I've seen are very comprehensive and are more full ride, gather, craft, etc, all in one. While they may be very well done I'm interested in the polar opposite in terms of complexity. If I had the capability of designing this feature as a plugin or something I'd probably name it Simon after the little circle with the light patterns you had to replicate.

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