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DB 541 working with Agrael's trinity

Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Forum' started by Stalgaris, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Stalgaris

    Stalgaris New Member

    Aug 27, 2018
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    Currently I have been using DB 541 and Agrael's Trinity and have been able to go AFK or over 24 hours running Grifts. Currently, it is a workable bot. some issues that I have noticed persisting are:

    Major Items:
    - FPS issues, causes deaths and lowers Grift level capability due to lag.
    - Bounties are still broken
    - Bot wont kill elite groups all the time. (yes my settings are good). Some elite groups it will just outright ignore.
    - Shrines, pylons and XP wells are not picked up consistently. It is really hit or miss.

    Minor items:
    - setting Grift level in trinity will sometimes cause a freeze as well as not reflect proper level in trinity. However in game, it is the correct chosen level.
    - pathing gets stuck occasionally, sometimes due to not clicking a door or a destructible, trying to walk through a wall it cant, or chasing a mob and gets stuck on an edge of the environment.
    -dances when trying to enter a rifts or leveling gems. pretty much acts like its on crack while performing these functions.

    all in all it is some good progress from the last several weeks. at least i can get some levels when I'm enjoying life. Please continue to develop this bot and get it to where it was when D3 came out. I still have fond memories of making bank it the cash auction house due to this bot.
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