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  • Demonbuddy Update Status - Patch 2.4.3

    Discussion in 'Archives' started by bambam922, Jan 5, 2017.

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      [SIZE=+1]Patch 2.4.3 01/04/2017 has dropped.[/SIZE]
      Demonbuddy: 1.1 r3077 Build 472 will not work with this new version of D3.
      If this is your first experience with Demonbuddy after a D3 patch, you can find more information about the situation here:
      A D3 patch may, or may not, require a corresponding Demonbuddy release. Additionally, there may be the typical hotfixes that can cause downtime when Bliz discovers "uh oh"s when placed under load, or the exploitive prowess of the gaming community. :D

      [SIZE=+1]When will a new Demonbuddy be ready?
      The Bossland GmbH development staff are working to accommodate all the needed changes.The Bossland GmbH development staff will keep you informed of progress updates in this thread. But, the thread will only be updated when appropriate (i.e., an internal milestone has been met).

      [SIZE=+1]About the forums...[/SIZE]
      All threads pertaining to "cannot attach" issues, the accelerated release of an update, "Demonbuddy lite", complaints about the bot being down, and general trolling will be closed or deleted.​

      [SIZE=+1]Receive update notifications automatically...[/SIZE]
      You can arrange to be notified any time this thread is updated by using the forum-provided facility to 'subscribe' to this thread:

      [SIZE=+1]In Summary...[/SIZE]
      The process is going to take as long as it takes.
      Please be patient while we get everything working again.
      Thank you for your understanding.

      Also, apologies for the slow post of an update thread.
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