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  • Experienced Game Developer, but new to DB Tool needs help :)

    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by miigodk, Sep 10, 2017.

    1. miigodk

      miigodk New Member

      Nov 11, 2015
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      Hi there.

      I am looking into how this bot is working, and set up.
      i have worked as a software developer specialist for many years by now.
      So i just have some simple questions actually :)

      If i change some of the C# code in lets say Adventurer routines.
      - Does it then AutoCompile the code when i just relaunch the project.
      Or do i need some kind of source code.

      Because i as soon as i change just some Core.Logger output.
      it complains about Missing Reference, or are not even able to load.
      So that shouldnt suppose to happen i guess
    2. Tempest

      Tempest Active Member

      Nov 10, 2015
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      I have written several combat routines and modified some other. But my understanding of DB is still somewhat limited. From what I gathered I see DB as a commercial memory reader/writer that provides some basic navigation and probably even combat functionality. Naturally, you do not have access to the DB's source, all you can see are metadata seen in some tools, like object inspector in VS. The rest is implemented in plugins that are dynamically linked as dlls. The plugins source codes are placed in DB\Plugins and they seem to be recompiled every start of the DB. Adventurer is nowadays part of the Trinity plugin. If you are seeing red complains at start this is compiler's output and you have an error in your code. Missing reference for Core.Logger would probably mean you are missing a namespace 'using Stuff' at the start of your .cs file. I am not at home thus not sure what is the namespace.

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