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  • Feature Request - 2nd circle radius

    Discussion in 'Requests' started by botort, Mar 1, 2017.

    1. botort

      botort New Member

      Aug 2, 2016
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      Hi Team,

      I would like to suggest the following improvement to Pokefarmer:

      Second Inner radius circle for imporant spawn points. If nothing in 2nd circle move to largest circle to collect items.

      An extra inner circle radius for important hot spots. When no important pokemons are found move to outer circle for stops/items collection

      Inner circle will be most important for pokemon catches. If that is depleted move to outer circle and start running/biking to collect pokestops and move back to inner circle.

      The win:
      - Better radius and bot movement
      - Optimized stop collecting
      - Variable speeds for collecting items/pokestops


      WHILE (Interesting pokemons in inner circle) {
      Stays and catch pokemons
      IF (no more interesting pokemons for 1 minute){
      - Move to outer circle;
      WHILE ( (route of outer circle not completed) AND NOT (interesting pokemon in Inner Circle ) AND NOT Inventory full){
      Start collecting on outer circle route
      Keep catching


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