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  • Feature Request - Keep Pokemon until storage (almost) full

    Discussion in 'Requests' started by botort, Mar 1, 2017.

    1. botort

      botort New Member

      Aug 2, 2016
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      Hi Team,

      I would like to suggest the following improvement to Pokefarmer:

      Introduce option to select pokemon to keep till bag is full + choice to use Lucky Egg on event happening

      Build option to select the Pokemon(s) to keep till storage is full for mass evolve/transfer + pop lucky egg up front for major XP win.

      More human logic and XP gathering.

      The win
      - Not auto transfering the whole time
      - More XP because of lucky egg active when evolving
      - Less detection on constantly transfering pokemons after catching

      Space in inventory = 250 AND
      Free slots = 50 WHEN
      Inventory = (almost) Maxed and Rule says keep pidgeys THEN
      WHEN max capacity is reached {
      pause movement and actions;
      pop Lucky Egg WHEN pop lukcy egg = true;
      Mass evolve Pidgeys -> WHILE true do {EVOLVE};

      Unpause Bot and continue till max is reached


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