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    Discussion in 'Archives' started by raphus, Oct 14, 2012.

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      We are no longer using this thread to solicit feedback for Honorbuddy improvements.

      Instead, please report improvement requests to the Honorbuddy "release" thread located in this forum:

      A number of improvement requests are fairly common. We provide the answers for those here. If you make a request that duplicates one of these, your request will be archived without comment.

      [size=+1]Common Improvement Requests[/size]

      Honorbuddy that will work with a 64-bit WoWclient
      We've had this discussion many times, and the answer is "no, not until its absolutely needed".

      Here are two posts to get you started:
      We'll leave it to you to use forum search if you want more.​

      Allow switching combat routines without restarting Honorbuddy
      This is already a feature request:
      • HB-30: Allow the user to change routines without restart.

      Allow Flying Mounts to be used as Ground Mounts
      What you are referring to, we call a "hybrid mount". Such mounts have problems when placed on the mesh, and cause problems when Honorbuddy is making decisions.

      The problems stem from the fact that Honorbuddy has two disjoint navigation systems— one for 'ground' navigation, and one for 'flying' navigation. There currently is no viable 'unified' navigation system that can operate in a reasonable period of time.

      We disallowed hybrid mounts to prevent having to address the thousands of boundary conditions that we were encountering due to the architectural necessity.s

      You can find out more information about the problem here:

      "Support for the Telaari Talbuk / Frostwolf War Wolf mounts"
      This was requested in HB-1583 ("Telaari Talbuk support"), and here was the development staff note regarding the feature request:
      "Won't fix.
      We decided not to add support for this mount in the HBcore. Tthe game client considers this mount as a zone-wide buff—so, it's technically not a mount. (I.e., it doesn't show up in list of known mounts and /dismount doesn't dismount from this.) A lot of Botbases/CRs will dismount before combat, so if this was recognized and treated as a mount by HBcore then there would be no benefit in use this over any other mount because of getting dismounted while in combat. This should instead be left to the CR, Botbase, or a Plugin to support."

      The announcement was made in the .764 Current Issues list. (Search for HB-1583 to quickly locate it.)​

      Support for Arenas
      Bossland GmbH will not support Arenas, nor allow product offerings in the Buddy Store or Buddy Forums to support them. You can find more information about this here:

      [size=+1]Archives for this thread...[/size]
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