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  • [PAID] Feral and Guardian Routine PvE

    Discussion in 'Druid' started by Pasterke, Sep 20, 2015.

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      Feral and Guardian Routine (PvE)

      After having all of my accounts banned, I wrote a new Routine for personal use with code to avoid banhammer.

      This routine works with Combat Bot and all Framelock stuff disabled. Disable Framelock in HB settings !

      The best way to avoid Banhammer is installing a 32-bits windows.

      The main goal of the routine is to be used in Raid and Instances, but you can also Grind with it.

      It's possible to use it with Quest Bot also, but using leveling profiles is a chance to get hit by the banhammer, you are warned !

      Using the routine

      Feral :

      I got the best results dps wise with following talents :

      • Incarnation: King of the Jungle
      • Mighty Bash (stunning non-interruptable spells) Tauren: will use War Stomp to stun target also.
      • Dream of Cenarius (more surving chance)
      • Claws of Shirvallah

      When you use it for grinding, he will Prowl and Rake the target if no Savage Roar buff exists. Otherwise he will use Faerie Fire or Faerie Swarm. (to avoid mob ripping by ranged classes).

      Guardian :

      Nothing special, he will do his rotation and using survival ablilities like you put them in the settings.
      You only need Dream of Cenarius talent, but what Guardian Druid don't have that talent :)

      Regarding Auto Movement and Auto Targeting

      As soon you want to move by yourself by using the moving keys w,s,d,a, it wil disable it during the keypresses.


      If you are like me, and you activate the burst key, I always forget to deactivate it afterwards. Now when you activate the burstkey, he will auoto disable it again after 20 secs. With the burstkey
      it will activate Berserk, Incarnation or Force of Nature and he will drink an agility potion if enabled in the settings.

      Ressing People with HotKeys

      If tank or healer is dead, use the appropriate hotkey to res. Guardian will only res with a Dream of Cenarius Proc.
      The hotkeys for ressing tanks and healers will auto be disabled when nobody is dead, or when Rebirth is on cooldown. That way you don't need to be worry that you forgot to disable it.

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