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  • FPS Issues .765 Still

    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Support' started by lttlmantate1, Jan 31, 2015.

    1. lttlmantate1

      lttlmantate1 Member

      Oct 29, 2014
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      Ok followed:

      Still having the issue. Was able to work around manually this morning by running the console command [StyxWoW.Overlay.Dispatcher.InvokeShutdown();] and then going into Task Manager and manually killing the WowBrowserProxy. Not to make things more of a conundrum, but only had to do this on the first session of wow I started. I also had to do NONE of it last night when I got back from a weeks travel and fired up bot to run for nearly half the night x2 sessions. Please find latest log attached with ALL streaming off except Kick's Profiles. This is the log that I ended up performing said actions, then stopping after it performed well. I set logging level to Verbose, hoping it would help.

      On the Desktop Composition, it's not manually disabled under the wow.exe compatibility and I don't (can't find it on the list) have a check box for it under visual effects. I did not attempt to go after it via other routes, there is one, but since there was no option for it under visual effects, and all options were enabled with let the computer decide what it wants checked. I also changed themes this morning from a custom one, back to default one.

      Feed me Seymour!

      View attachment 4200 2015-01-31 08.24_Itz2.txt

      Please let me know if I missed something else on my end to perform due diligence for you.

      **Edit to remove unintentional winky face caused by brackets!
    2. Tony

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      Can you please open the developer tools, go to the console tab and enter the following line in the console:
      Then press the Run button.
    3. chinajade

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      Jul 20, 2010
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      Hi Lttlmantate1,

      Thank you for the log and thorough information.

      Another place to look for 'Desktop Compositing' in Windows 7, is be certain you are using the "Aero" interface on the desktop. A 'classic' interface choice will disable Desktop Compositing.

      If you've ruled out Desktop Compositing as the issue, please provide us with some information:
      Right-click on "My Computer"
      → Properties
      Show us the complete line for the "Processor:" description

      If you've ruled out the "Desktop Compositing" issue or a product from the Buddy Store, then it appears the problem is not Honorbuddy, but directly related to the WoWclient. And the number of cores you have available causes the issue. Here is a couple threads that discuss this in more detail:

      It has been suggested that the problem can be somewhat abated by increasing the priority of the WoWclient to "High".

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